Saturday Stuff

Saturday Question

And I’m tired of talking.

It’s your turn.

I’ll ask a question, the first person to comment answers my question.

That first commenter then asks his/her question, the next commenter answers the question and then asks a question of his/her own and so on.

Clear as mud?

Here’s my question:

Describe something you lost that you want back.

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2 thoughts on “Saturday Question”

  1. Depends on the person and what I need to say. I can often times email clients. The boys – face-to-face (though I don’t, emailing them might actually get their attention better lol), my parents, on the phone. Kevin, whisper into his ear. hehe

    Next question: What part of life confuses you the most?

  2. It may seem really trite, but there is a pair of shoes that I want back. I used to have a TON of shoes and I realized how excessive it was. I was brutal with cleaning out the things and I decided to keep only one pair of flip-flops. I narrowed it down to two – one more for the pool/outdoors/getting wet and one nicer pair that had white leather straps and a good (not foam) sole. I decided to keep the outdoorsy-type shoes because I would use them more. Every summer, I wish I had kept those white shoes. I have looked and looked for a pair like them, but the only ones even close are $50 and up, and there is no way I’m spending that much on a pair of flip-flops!

    Interestingly enough, I clean out my house quite frequently and donate things to Goodwill on a regular basis. This pair of shoes is the ONLY thing I have ever regretted giving away.

    My question? If you have something to say to someone, how do you best express yourself? In writing? On the phone? Face to face? Or some other way?

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