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I’m a Proud Daughter

My mother is so crafty – and I mean that in the actual arts and craft sense.

She can take an ordinary object and create something beautiful out of it. Take this rock for example:

Seriously. How cute is that?!?

She entered it in a special contest at our county fair and won 3rd place!

In fact, she entered 20 items total and won 18 ribbons! She astounds me because my mom does this every year and every year, she virtually OWNS the fair with her talent.

(Yes. I’m bragging. She’s awesome, okay?)

And even though she walks away from the fair every year with a pocket full of ribbons, she’s never won the big, purple Champion ribbon. (The Champion ribbons are the “Best-of-the-Best”).

Until this year.

Congratulations on your Champion ribbon, mom!!

Here’s what my mom said about her Champion-winning shawl:

But my proudest moment was when I saw the purple shawl I knitted. It not only had a first place blue ribbon on it, but it also had a Champion ribbon AND a Sponsors Choice Award attached to it. In all the years that I’ve entered my projects in the Fair, this is the first Champion ribbon I’ve ever gotten! And it’s the first Sponsors Choice Award too. Wow!

A lady that works at the Fair said that she was there when it was being judged, and the judge said that it was “perfect”! I won the Champion ribbon over all the knitted items in the whole section. That made me feel really proud.

That makes me really proud, too.

Congratulations mom!