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Thankful for a Speedy Recovery

Kevin’s physical therapy (PT) has been a God send. Every time we go, they either tell us something new, or they show us something new to try – often times, they do both.

Initially, Kevin thought physical therapy was a waste of time. “I can do this stuff at home.” he’d say. “Why do I need a therapist to help me?” I would get annoyed with him. It’s not like we’ve been down this handicapped road before – neither one of us knew what the heck we were doing.

But he went. Not because he really wanted to, but because deep down he knew it was helping him. The PT’s helped him build his confidence and showed him that though he had limitations, they were only temporary. I can’t tell you the number of times we would go to a session and they would ask him to do something, he would give me a dubious look but then do it and be totally surprised that he could do it.

Take today for example. They had him roll onto his belly. Though he’s tried this at home, it hurt him. And though he didn’t think he would be able to do it for the PT’s, he did it. He not only rolled onto his belly, he was surprised that it didn’t hurt him.

They also asked him to get up on all fours – which he did with surprising ease.

They also suggested we buy a cane and have him start walking with it, slowly weaning himself off the walker.

And that’s what we did.

We went to Walgreen’s after his session today, bought him a cane and he’s been using it all day. At first, I thought he wouldn’t be able to handle it, every time he’s walked without the walker, he has been hunched over and very jerky in his movements, and though he’s not walking completely normal yet, he’s walking upright and his movements are starting to smooth out.

Once again, this man of mine has surprised me. And once again, I’ve underestimated his determination to get back to normal.

He only has one more session with the PT’s. Our insurance will pay for more sessions, but this is all we’ve scheduled at this point. Since we’ll be leaving next week for vacation and he goes to see the bone doctor shortly after we return, we’re going to hold off on making any more appointments and see what his bone doctor suggests.

We would not be where we are right now without the help of the various physical therapists he’s seen these past weeks. His progress has been phenomenal and the PT’s routinely comment about how fast he’s recovering. And though some of this might be said to encourage him, I also believe they are truly surprised by his progress.

It’ll be twelve weeks since the accident this coming Friday.

They intitially said he wouldn’t be able to put weight on his legs until twelve weeks and yet, here he is, on his feet no longer dependent on a wheelchair, no longer dependent on the walker, and really, no longer dependent on me. Though I knew, in my heart, that Kevin would surpass everyone’s expectations, I had no idea just HOW FAR he would surpass my own expectations.

And we have God to thank for his speedy recovery.

Sometimes, we travel that dark road, the “what if” road, especially when he starts getting down about his situation and his attitude drops several notches.

“What if you had had a brain injury?”

“What if you had been paralyzed?”

“What if you had died?”

And suddenly, this situation seems trivial when compared to the “what if” possibilities. (How could I have handled a paralyzed husband? How could I have gone on and lived my life WITHOUT him?)

This accident could have been so much worse, and yet, it wasn’t. I truly believe it was our firm belief in Jesus Christ and our unwavering faith in God our Father that saved us from those terrible “what ifs.”

We have so much to be thankful for.

Kevin’s life and remarkable recovery are at the top of that list.

Emily at Chatting at the Sky hosts a weekly “noticing” party – giving us a chance to unwrap and share the little gifts that God gives to us on a daily basis.

Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction: Fiction or Reality

“You’re reading … again? I thought we were going to go out to dinner.”

Sahara held up a finger to indicate she needed a moment longer.

“Seriously? You’re going to do this on our anniversary?” The keys in Jacob’s palm cut into his fingers as his grip tightened.

“Just one more minute,” Sahara snapped and exhaled a breath in irritation. She refused to look at him, deciding instead to focus her eyes on the text to try and recapture the images swirling around her imagination; the story was simply too good to put down. “I’m at the good part,” she fairly whispered and licked her lips in anticipation.

Jacob looked at the clock on their mantle. He had made reservations for them at their favorite restaurant, the restaurant they had gone to on their first date nearly four years ago. They had eleven minutes to make it. And he knew, from past experience, if they were even a second late, the maître d’ would give their table away with nary a guilty thought.

He could feel his resentment beginning to boil. He felt the familiar tug of unsuppressed rage but worked to control it. He glanced at the cover of her book. “Romance. I should have known.”

She ignored him.

“That trash is ruining our marriage, Sahara.”

That got her attention. Her eyes flew up to lock with his.

“I’m done. You’ve got a choice to make – your damn stories and make believe men, or me, flaws and all. Decide.”



Fiction under 250 words.

I recorded this story through AudioBoo. You can find the recording here.