Mama Grizzlies – Don’t Mess with Our Children

It’s no secret that I stand on the conservative side of the politic fence.

And make no mistake, there IS a fence. Because this country is absolutely divided and this country’s foundation has been shaken to the core.

All thanks to our commander in chief. (*golf clap*)

Don’t even pretend that it’s not true.

This president has seriously messed this country up.

But this post is not about my intense dislike for our president – what’s done is done, (hellllllllooooo November 2010 AND 2012!!), no, this post is about my thoughts on Sarah Palin’s new political tactic.


Let’s move past her annoying voice, her hokey delivery and her desperate attempt to show people that’s she’s just a gun-toting, bear killing, Alaskan-surviving regular jane like the rest of us.

She comes across as a dweeb – I won’t argue on that one.

And just because I’m a conservative doesn’t mean I automatically like Sarah Palin. She gets on my nerves for much the same reasons she bugs other people. I don’t care for her tactics, or even her personality, but I do appreciate her willingness to take a strong stand in this politically correct circus we have going on now.

Put all of your pre-conceived opinions about Palin aside and focus on the message. She’s doing something different, she’s pulling out the MOM card.

I actually laughed out loud when I first watched this video. I sort of thought it was a joke, but then I started thinking about it and wow, whoever came up with this idea is a genius.

The mom card?! What mom out there doesn’t want to protect her children? What mom out there doesn’t get defensive and downright vicious when her children are threatened – either physically and/or figuratively?

And who can deny that with Obama’s brilliant new programs our children’s futures are not now figuratively threatened? Our poor kids, and grandkids, are going to have to pay for this administrations power-hungry decisions.

If that thought DOESN’T bring out the mama grizzly in you, then honestly, I don’t know what will.

I’m rather shocked the “mom-o-sphere” isn’t up in arms about Palin’s ad today. (Maybe they are and I’m just missing it. I purposefully don’t follow the “popular” mom bloggers because they get on my nerves so bad).

I also think it’s interesting she’s not trying to persuade any one person to join the conservative movement based on conservative ideals, but rather, is calling to action all the moms out there, regardless of party affiliation, to DO something about this whacked out administration in order to protect our children. Which, I’m not saying is not important, of course, but this Rhetoric mastery is quite impressive to watch. I mean, so you’re not a conservative, fine. But if you don’t step up and make changes all in the name of your child, does that mean you’re a bad mother?

Have I mentioned how much I dig rhetorical language and techniques? It plays on your logic, your emotions, and your empathy. All powerful emotions that often time, if tapped correctly, will compel people to step out of their comfort zones and DO something out of character all because their passions have been aroused.


People are so FED UP with the same-ole-same-ole political rhetoric, the empty promises, the same bullsh*t we’ve heard over and over these past years and that really doesn’t mean anything.

But calling on the mom instinct, making people care by hitting them close to the heart …well, I’m impressed.

I’ll be curious to see how effective this mom card tactic really is.