We Will Be Detained – I’m Mentally Prepared for That

Watching videos like this one …

… do nothing for my peace of mind, let me tell you.

For those of you just tuning in … (where have you been??) … on April 16th, Kevin was involved in a motorcycle accident. He was hit head on. He had to have three separate surgeries to repair his pelvis – he has scars that literally run from one side of his body to the next (AND one that covers his entire left butt cheek).

They had to surgically implant five plates and numerous screws and pins in order to put his pelvis back together again.

He will have to live with that hardware for the rest of his life.

We’re also going on vacation in about 10 days. We’re heading up to New York, then catching a cruise boat to Canada.

I’m nervous enough about the trip itself, now I’m worried about getting him through airport security.

He will set the metal detectors off – there is no question about this. We will be detained – I’m mentally prepared for this. My worry is, will he be subjected to something as humiliating as these poor people did in the video?

The doctors warned us that he will likely have to show his scars to prove he did indeed have surgery. Those scars are in his groin area. This really can’t end well, no matter how you look at it. The doctor gave us a medical card to carry with us, and we plan on taking a copy of his x-rays, but still, the TSA is unpredictable and there is no telling what he will have to endure when the time comes.

I’m not that worried about Springfield. We’re flying out of our home town and the airport is small potatoes compared to the bigger airports, so we shouldn’t (keyword: shouldn’t) have any problem starting our trip.

We’re flying out of New Jersey on the way home. I’m a little more worried about that one.

Though I completely and totally understand the need to search people and make sure no one is carrying anything dangerous on the plane, I’m not confident that the TSA agents will make wise judgment calls when it comes to our situation. I don’t have a problem with being stopped and searched, we have nothing to hide, I just hope that they treat Kevin with dignity and respect – the man has already been through so much hell, let’s not put him there again in front of a crowd of curious, and perhaps resentful, people.