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Monday Mingle: Tattoos, Politics, Wedding Memories

This week’s questions (submitted by Karie from The Five Fish – thanks Karie!):
1. So you must be a little on the wild side somewhere…how about any tattoos? Piercings? Show us your wild side. If you are free of any taintings do you want any? Piercings or tattoos?

2. Considering the state of our world today what is one thing you might change, suggest, or push for or against if you were to be elected to office?

3. Reminiscing about my impending 10 yr anniversary, can any of you recall your wedding day? Vows? Any funny or memorable moments from your special day?

(I apologize for the quality, or lack thereof, I was in a hurry to get this online before the day was over).

The infamous “hiding his white basketball tube socks” picture:


From Robyn – Robyn’s Online World:
1. If you could visit 1 city anywhere in the world, what city would it be?
2. What is your favorite vacation you went on as a child?
3. What is the best museum you have ever been to?