Tuesday Stuff

Daily Walk


This is how long I walk, on average, on a daily basis.

Well, maybe not daily, more like five or six times a week.

It works out to be about 3.25 miles.

I’m back on my walking kick.

But before you become too impressed, let me pop that balloon right now; I’m getting back into shape for purely selfish reasons.

One: My pants are too tight again and buying a larger size is NOT an option.

Two: Vacation. As in, vacation pictures. We are planning a trip to New York and then catching a boat to Canada in July. This means? Lots and lots and LOTS of vacation pictures. That will likely be posted here, and passed around at family get togethers and will stick around for years and years and if I don’t look halfway decent in them? Well …

I mentioned vacay pictures are around forever, right??

So. I force myself to get on the treadmill every morning after dropping the kids off at school. I walk and watch 45 minutes of either a TV series or half of a movie, get cleaned up and THEN start my day. My walk is over with for the day and I can concentrate on what I need to do and not what I OUGHT to do.

You know?

I’ve just about built my stamina back up so that I’m ready to tackle some toning exercises – either Turbo Jam or Wii Fit.

I only have about 12 weeks to go before our trip – no pressure.

(And I would like to apologize for my gritty, nasty weighted gloves – they ARE rather gross).

What about you – are you getting into shape for the summer months?

Emily at Chatting at the Sky hosts a weekly “noticing” party – giving us a chance to unwrap and share the little gifts that God gives to us on a daily basis.

Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction: Flashback


Fiction under 250 words.


“And this is the smaller bedroom.” Belinda stepped to one side of the door to allow her clients to move past her and enter the room.

Beads of sweat began to form on her upper lip and she felt sick to her stomach.

It had been fifteen years since she had been in this house and yet seeing the aged homestead, driving through the old neighborhood, was like stepping back through the hellish threshold of her childhood.

“Oh … this could be Courtney’s room,” the well-dressed woman said enthusiastically over her shoulder. Her serious-looking husband merely nodded while pacing aimlessly around the bedroom.

Belinda smiled, or at least, her lips curled into what she hoped resembled a smile. Why had she agreed to show this house? Why hadn’t she gotten someone else to cover for her? This was a mistake. She thought she could face her old demons, she thought she had moved past the abuse she had endured during childhood.

She was wrong.

The man moved toward the closet and Belinda frantically grabbed at the doorframe to steady herself. The darkness that oozed from the opening slowly wrapped itself around her brain and she felt her vision tunnel.

“Nice big closet … Good lord, it goes on forever.” The man said, his voice dissipating as he moved deeper into the opening.

“And you’ll stay in here until we let you out,” a voice sneered in Belinda’s head. She tightly closed her eyes and willed herself back to the present.