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Twitter-esque: Catching Up

Here’s a summary of my week so far:


Seriously. I scoff at people when they say “I don’t have time,” but honestly, I don’t have time. I’m working on a new web design and I’m under deadline.


I did, too. Now I hope that everyone that owes me money will pay me. *hopeful smile*


Jazz was NOT happy. I’M not happy. This class is right in the middle of the day. How annoying. BUT, by the time he gets out, it will be time to go swimming (the younger kids leave the pool at 3:00), so that’s a plus. He really doesn’t have a choice, he HAS to take a summer course so he doesn’t get behind his peers and PE is really the best choice – this way, he won’t have PE for ten/eleven weeks (it’ll only be four) AND he won’t have to dress out in front of his peers – he can just go to class IN his PE clothes. Bonus!


Our weather has been phenomenal lately. Too bad I’m stuck inside, working. (*whine-whine* I know, like everyone else in the world, right?)


I drank too much caffeine in an attempt to stay more alert for this project and now? I’m detoxing and paying for it. Ugh.


I’d like to go, but Kevin is meeting his boss to go to the minor league baseball opening game tonight and there is no way I’m going by myself so … but that’s okay, I’m not sure how I feel about the fair tax proposal at this point. How do you feel about it?



I’ve been on a walking kick again. I’m tired, but I’m seeing results – my pants are a feeling looser again.


I’m on season 5 – the part where Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sahid (sp?) and Sun go back to the island.


I’m trying really hard not to be stressed about this project, but designing new projects stresses me out so …

So yeah, that’s all for today. If you feel compelled, you can follow more of my random, inane tweets over here:

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s back to work I go.

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