My Teeth Hurt

Wah. 😦

UPDATED: Went to see my Endodontic doctor today (root canal doctor) – yep, I need a root canal. It’s the same tooth that has a crown. They will drill through the crown and dig out my root.

FUN. Oh well. At least he gave me some pretty heavy-duty pain pills and antibiotics.

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The One Where I Become an MA

*MA = Medical Assistant.

**I played around with my Movie Studio software for the first time. It was fun! I still have a ways to go before I can edit it the way I really want it, but it’s a start. Hopefully, I can figure out how to add background music later.

***Just noticed there’s a dead spot in the middle of the video – oops. I’m a video-editing newb.


YouTube Stars

My new favorite YouTube star of the moment is … What’s Up Elle.

Whoa. Impressive. This girl has wicked skillz.

(I try to be cool on occasion).

Here’s how she made the above video:

I know, right?? You have to admire her stamina.

I try not to watch too many YouTube videos – you all know why. It’s that strange phenomenon of “I’m only going to watch a few videos for a few minutes,” and before you know it, the entire day is gone and you’re still sitting in your PJ’s, emitting body odor and sporting some mean-looking raccoon eyes.

Whatever. You’ve done it, too.

But when I run across interesting/entertaining YouTube characters, I keep track of them.

Here are the YouTube Stars I’ve subscribed to recently …

Lindsay actually has a blog that I’ve followed for quite some time – so I’m biased. I like her as a person, I had to naturally subscribe to her societal dares.

I like Daily Grace because she’s just so random.

I like Hannah because she’s just so cute – her lisp is adorable. That’s right, I have a girl crush. She’s also really good at improvisation.

And last, but not least … Jenna Marbles … I have to warn you, the girl likes her “F” word – A LOT. So if language offends you, don’t watch it. BUT, foul language aside, the girl makes some pretty good points.

So that is my current list.

Do you have a favorite YouTube star? Do tell …