I have been so sluggish today, it’s not even funny. And by sluggish, I mean staring at a blinking cursor and completely stepping into an alternate universe sort of sluggish.

I can’t make myself DO anything.

I want to write, my fingers won’t move.

I want to answer emails, I can’t form a coherent sentence.

I need to start a new project, but my creativity is on strike.

You want to know what I’ve done all day?

Stared at my cartoon-ish bee character on my Twitter page.

And slept.

As in one hour this morning, and one hour this afternoon.

And I’m still tired.

I’ll just tell you now, I’m anemic. In fact, it got so bad at one point that my doctor was thinking about stopping my periods for a while. (I know, too much information, sorry). But I don’t take iron every day because it screws my stomach up, so I take it when I need it.

Apparently, I need it.

But, I’ve also been working out again. I walked 3.25 miles Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, so it might have just caught up with me, I don’t know.

And it didn’t help that I had to sleep on the couch, sitting up, with my legs pulled up to my stomach last night.

Intestinal problems. As in squeezing, bloating, stabbing, pulsing intestinal pain. (It’s getting better).

But don’t worry. I know what happened. I got cocky. I have pretty much figured out what is causing my digestive problems and I hadn’t had any episodes for quite some time, but then … we had White Chili for dinner Tuesday night.

I LOVE White Chili.

But the Northern beans? Started a war, apparently.

At any rate, I was going to go walking around the neighborhood today (sunny and near 80 – *schwing!*), but I thought I probably shouldn’t get too far from a bathroom.

Again. Too much information, I’m sorry.

So my painful incapacitation? Hasn’t helped my sluggishness.

And I HATE the sluggish episodes. It’s a total waste of a day and I just feel like a loser when it happens.

So tonight? I’m popping an iron pill. Swigging extra-strength Pepto and hitting the sack early.

It’s like my body is a war zone right now. Blech.

You have sluggish days, too. Right? RIGHT?? Make me feel better. 🙂