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Santa, Your Beard is Coming Off

This is just too good NOT to pass on to you.

This is one of my nieces, and two of my nephews, doing what they do best – being kooky and adorable all at the same time.

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(RSS readers – you’ll have to click over to see the video. Sorry about that! But truly, it’s cute and totally worth it. *smile*)


Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen – Unique Gift Ideas

I recently stumbled on this great site that offers unique gifts and gadgets and since Christmas is NEXT WEEK (ACK!!), I thought this would be a fun, interesting and timely Thursday Thirteen.

Which gift idea is your favorite?


1. Dance Dance Revolution Pad Turned into a Purse

Liz Revision had a broken dance gaming pad from Dance Dance Revolution and didn’t know what to do with it. So she cut the top vinyl layer off, separating it from the electronics and then went to work refashioning it as a really cool ladies handbag.


2. Microwave that Plays Youtube Videos

Cast Oven is a microwave oven design that gives you a little bit of entertainment while your food cooks up. Instead of clear window, there’s an LCD screen. When you punch in the amount of time to cook the food, the microwave connects to the internet and streams a video clip from YouTube of the exact same length.


3. iMote: Kid Friendly Remote Control

Kids love stealing the remote and putting on whatever show they want to. With the iMote Kid Friendly Remote Control parents can take back some of that control. This programmable remote control lets parents enter in their kid’s five favorite channels. With hundreds of channels available today, it’s hard for kids to remember a bunch of three digit numbers to know where their favorites are- make it easy for them. 100 colorful stickers for popular channels are included to label the buttons.


4. Foldup Keyboard Concept

(From Craziest Gadgets:)
The designers of this keyboard concept have claimed the design is for you to bring your own keyboard along to avoid infections when using other computers. While that’s a noble pursuit (and possibly overkill- just bring a wipe to swipe down the keyboard instead), the result is a great conceptual design for a keyboard that folds up like a fan. Unlike say a silicon roll-up keyboard, this one maintains the rigidity you’re used to for typing. Good idea, I can definitely see it being produced.


5. Bucket Boss Adds Pockets to your Buckets

Now there’s the Bucket Boss 56-Pocket Bucket Tool Organizer Bucket Boss Adds Pockets to your Buckets which turns your ordinary bucket into a round toolbox. There’s 38 exterior pockets and 18 on the inside.


6. Big Belly Coinosaurus Dinosaur Bank

The Coinasaurus is a big belly dinosaur bank that eats coins. Drop your change into his mouth and watch it wiggle down into his big ol’ belly. This bank is big at 20″ tall and can hold a lot of coins- 970 quarters ($242.50). Kids (and kids at heart) will love watching the coins zig zag downwards.


7. Texthook Lets You Text While Pushing a Stroller

Texting while driving is illegal in many states but texting while pushing a stroller is still totally legal! It’s just difficult. Unless you had something to mount your phone onto the handlebar of your stroller. Something like the Texthook.


8. Snow Shorts with a Sled Built into the Butt

There’s nothing more fun during the Winter than to climb up a giant hill and sled down. The only problem is that nobody likes dragging a sled up the hill. If you had Pull on Snow Shorts from Orvis, you wouldn’t have to worry about pulling the sled up the hill because the sled is built right into your bottomside. It’s basically a wearable sled! Just pull these snow shorts over your pants and glide on the foam-padded PVC seat all the way down the hill.


9. Lili Lite is a Bookshelf, Reading Light and Bookmark

The Lili Lite is a bookshelf that can do so much more than just hold books. Ok, not that much more but it does have a nice looking design with an integrated reading light underneath. It also has a peak in the middle which is made to function as a bookmark and keep your book open to the page where you stopped reading. The most interesting part about the Lili Lite is that when you place your book down on the “bookmark”, the light will automatically turn off and when you pick the book up again, the light turns on.


10. Instant Doorway Puppet Theater

This is the puppet theater that sets up in a doorway in seconds, unlike bulky wooden stages that require larger permanent spaces and time-consuming assembly. Made from heavy, hypoallergenic cotton and polyester, the theater includes a fold-down stage, working front and side curtains, and four back-stage storage pockets. Curved backdrop rod and black curtain provide a sense of stage depth. The theater mounts on an adjustable rod and can span a 28″ to 40″ doorway. Drawstring storage bag.


11. Voice Recognition Grocery Organizer

This device stores and prints grocery lists generated from the items you speak into its microphone. Using an integrated voice recognition system, the shopping list manager matches a spoken item with one of the 2,500 food, beverage, household, beauty, and office products in its database. Each spoken product appears on the LCD and you can add it to the list and print an alphabetized record with the touch of a button. The device recognizes words as specific as swordfish, emery boards, and lawn bags, and identifies errands, such as going to the bank, library, or veterinarian. You can create and manage two different lists simultaneously, add products to the database


12. Laptop steering Wheel Desk

Introducing the AutoExec WM-01 Wheelmate Steering Wheel Desk Tray. Attaches to your steering wheel for easy access to a writing and drink storage surface; perfect for lunch or a snack. This Go Office Wheel Mate Steering Wheel Desk stores neatly in your car.

Obviously, you shouldn’t use this while driving, but what a PERFECT gift for someone who is on the go all the time – like MOMS who have to drive their CHILDREN to soccer practice, or dance lessons, or music lessons, or …

Personally? This one is my favorite. Hey NaNoWriMos! Wouldn’t this be perfect in to use during National Novel Writing Month!?


13. The Ex Voodoo Knife Set

Have you been looking for a new knife block for your kitchen? The Voodoo Knife Set is fun, functional and stylish. Your future suitors will get the “point”. You are not someone to be messed with!

Oh come on, you have to admit, this one is FUNNY, in a sick, sort of twisted way. 😀

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