Coffee Chat: December 2009






Thank you to everyone who visited and played!! I really enjoyed reading your answers! We’ll do this again in March!

(Lily and Chelsey, if you read this before I’ve contacted you, please email me!)

Coffee Chat is ALL about YOU! Here’s what you do: Answer the daily question. That’s it! (Beware! The questions get more challenging as the days go by!)

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On December 11th, at 4:00 p.m. CST, I’ll draw two winners – first place winner gets to choose a $25.00 gift certificate to an online retailer of his/her choice (see this page for store listings) AND, the second place winner will receive a $10.00 Starbucks gift card (U.S. residents only for the Starbucks gift card, please).

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Ready for the questions?

Question #1: Do you prefer being around men or women? Do your closest friends tend to be men or women?

Question #2: Are you more likely to avoid conflict or engage in it head on? Why?

Question #3: What’s your dream job?

Question #4: What was your first job? How much did you get paid?

Question #5: If could switch job responsibilities with your boss (or your last boss, if unemployed), would you do it? Why or why not?

Questions #6: Which is the greater tragedy: an innocent person imprisoned or a guilty person set free? Explain.

Question #7: How difficult is it for you to forgive someone who refuses to apologize?

LAST Question: What makes you stand to your feet and cheer?

My answer: I’d have to say people who overcome obstacles, or injustices, and persevere against all odds. I’m the sort of person who cheers for the underdog because not only do I feel sorry for them, but I admire the strength and determination required to come back from behind and win, or conquer, the situation. It’s not easy, and I think that alone requires a standing ovation.

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Photo Story Friday

Photo Flasback: Bonus! Or – Geez, Another Photo Flashback?!


As I was looking through pictures, I came across these:

Making Christmas Candy

I totally forgot I used to do this! And this makes me want to do it again!

I would melt colored chocolate and using paint brushes, paint the molds with these colors, let them dry, and then pour regular chocolate into the molds. I made these for a small number of years before I got burned out. And the boys got older and well … you know how it is.

Christmas Candy

And as I look over the assortment in this picture, my mom must have been there with me. Because there’s no way I made all of this stuff by myself, I’m not patient enough. We must have gotten together to make Christmas “goodies.” Remember that, mom?

Man. Now I have a hankerin’ to make more candies. I think I may have to make a trip to the craft store.

Soon. 🙂

Do you guys make Christmas “goodies?”

Photo Story Friday

Photo Flashback: Christmas at Silver Dollar City


Christmas at Silver Dollar City

Yep. This is us, freezing our butts off at Silver Dollar City during the Christmas light display they host every Christmas season.

(If you’re ever in the Branson, Missouri area at this time of year, I HIGHLY recommend going. The kids LOVE IT!)

Let’s see, Dude looks like he’s about five and Jazz looks about three-ish. Judging by my strange tongue-in-cheek expression, I’m extracting food from my teeth, (which sounds about right).

I had to doctor this photo up quite a bit. It was over exposed and though our faces still look ghostly pale, at least now you can see them. You can see them a little better in the bigger version. (If you’re so inclined but I have to warn you – my face at 1000 pixels wide? SCARY STUFF).

I sure wish they had digital cameras back then!

I like my hair here. I’m quite certain, at some point in my future, I’ll most likely get my hair cut like this again. I’m starting to get to the stage where I’m feeling just a wee bit ridiculious having long straight hair and being … um … the age I am.

Anyway, I love this family moment. Brings back memories. Dude remembers this trip, Jazz does not.

In fact, I need these pictures to remind me that yes, our boys were indeed that little once upon a time.

Sometimes, it just doesn’t seem possible.

(A Mad Russian’s Christmas by Trans-Siberian Orchestra )