Christmas Concert – 2009

Jazz’s band put on their Christmas concert last night. They actually divided the band up into three groups: percussion, concert band and symphonic band.

Jazz was in the concert band.

Here is a video of Jazz’s band performance:

The songs are: “Fantasia on a Christmas Carol” and “Moscow, 1941.”

I also taped part of the percussion performance. I DIG drums. There is something so … primal about them. I always get goosebumps when the guys do their drum thing. It’s rather long, but worth watching till the end. I can’t believe how in sync they are.

The name of the tune is “Trio per Uno” and it’s a college-level piece. The dude who instructed them is from Missouri State University (local college) and he said they were better than his college students. DOH! I’m betting they don’t have any trouble getting into THAT college, do you? 🙂

The semester is coming to a close. Jazz is scheduled for Jazz band next semester so stay tuned for some “funky” shows. 🙂