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What is Your Christmas Wish?

ADDED: My Christmas wish? Thanks for asking. 🙂

I’d love for Dude to pass this math class so he can meet his three credit requirement and we can relax on the toughest subject for him and he can finally ENJOY his last remaining high school years.

I’d love for Kevin to get a job, fairly quickly, after everything wraps up with this company and it’s “officially” shut down.

I’d also love for Kevin to have at least a month off before he plunges into another job situation.

I’d love to get more website jobs for two reasons: the money (though I don’t charge that much because I do school websites and they don’t HAVE that much) and because I truly love helping the community out by providing useful information to both students and parents.

I hope Jazz continues to love music and I pray he walks away from high school with some amazing music memories.

I pray that we can find a peaceful existence with both our government, and fellow country men, for though I know there will never be “Peace on Earth,” at least, not until Christ comes back, perhaps we can strive to find a peaceful compromise until that day arrives.

Your turn.

(Jingle Bells by Diana Krall)