Photo Story Friday

Photo Flashback: Setting Up for Pictures


Playing with the fancy lights

Kevin has always been a great photographer. He has a natural instinct for finding the right light, and a keen eye for capturing unique perspectives.

Photography is one of the first interests we had in common.

We have spent quite a bit of money on photography equipment over the years, nothing along the professional level, but definitely on the novice level. My very first “serious” camera was an Olympus 35 mm. This was, of course, waaaay before SLR’s or anything digital and I had to set everything manually. Which was daunting and something I never really got the hang of. I wanted something I could just point and shoot and get a decent picture from. That’s why I got SO excited when SLR’s came out because I had my point and shoot, only there were settings that I could fiddle with and actually “feel” like a photographer.

Kevin and I used to go out and take pictures. This was way before children. When the boys came along, we barely had time to be parents, let alone photographers. We took pictures of the boys, of course, but it was always with a camera that any dolt who could push a button could use.

Then, as the boys got older, our interest in photography peaked again and that’s when we started investing in nicer cameras. Currently, I use a Canon Power Shot A590 that I carry with me and that I use to tape my idiotic videos with. It’s a truly great camera, if you’re in the market.

Then we bought our Canon Rebel. Our very expensive and UBER COOL Canon Rebel. (The same camera that we nearly lost in the terminal when we put it on the floor next to us to check in for our cruise. Talk about an exciting way to get your vacation started!!)

We truly love this camera. I like to pretend I know what I’m doing when I use the Rebel, but the truth is, I have no clue. I play with the cool knobs and settings and …. hope for the best.

But Kevin, he’s actually taken a photography class and he knows a little something-something about F-stops, angles, lighting and anything else required to get that really stunning shot.

As a result, his sister asked him to come over and take their family picture last year. So, he set them up and took their picture and OH MY GOSH, they turned out great.

Part of the reason they turned out so good was because my brother-in-law, who’s REALLY into photography, had all the cool equipment, complete with fancy-smancy portrait lights. Which Kevin used to take their picture and immediately wanted.

So, Santa brought him portrait lights for Christmas last year.

Which he has YET to use.

I’m hoping this post? Lights his guilt fire and he drags them out. 😉

(I’m a sneaky little devil, aren’t I? *grin*)

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