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Video: You Think I’m Crazy?

I very well could be.

But here’s the thing – I’m stressed. What with NaNoWriMo [STILL BEHIND], work and having to deal with family for Thanksgiving, I’m feeling the pinch. And whenever I feel the pinch, I get up and dance because it helps blow off steam.

Go on. Give it a try. I can’t be the only one BRAVE enough to get out of my chair and dance ………………. can I?!?

Cool song, right? It’s Jem and it’s called “Crazy.” You can buy her entire album (which ROCKS) here.

And me? I’m done. I got my workout in for the day. Now pass the Advil, won’t you?


(Sorry about the graininess. I recorded it on the compact setting and HELLO, I only make a fool of myself once a day, I’m not about to go back and record it again. It’s probably a good thing though, this way, you can’t really see my dance expressions – which were priceless, I might add. Oh well, use your imagination. *grin*

And by the way? You totally CAN NOT criticize my dancing unless you’re willing to SHOW me you can do better. If you’re not willing to tape yourself dancing? Then hush. 😀 )

UPDATE: I see the video is blocked in some countries, probably due to using Jem’s song, or maybe it’s my crazy hip action – who knows. Sorry about that. But don’t worry, you’re not missing much, trust me.

2 thoughts on “Video: You Think I’m Crazy?”

  1. haha that was awesome – you’re a really good dancer! I should do this more, though it’s easier to let loose when you aren’t holding an infant and tripping over a preschooler. 🙂

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