The Birthday Bash of 2009

So that’s it – my son is now officially 17 and my husband is … still older than me by four years. (I’ll let you do the math. *grin*)

Birthday Boys - 2009

We have pretty low-key birthdays at our house. We celebrate with immediate family and pretty much leave friends out of it. (The reluctance to invite friends most likely stems from my idiotic and quite irrational phobia I have of putting friends in the awkward position of HAVING to buy gifts – I really must get over that).

This year was no exception. I did take snippets of video throughout my day, preparing for the guys’ birthdays that I plan on stitching together … sometime this weekend (in between furiously writing for NaNoWriMo [I’m SO BEHIND!] and putting a newsletter together). I thought it might be fun to document the craziness I go through each year on November 18th (but I’m not complaining!).

When Kevin got home from work, we gave Dude his gift(s):


He already knew he was receiving the Left 4 Dead PC game (what is it with teenage boys and zombies?!) but I threw him for a loop by buying him the Halo 3 t-shirt, which he loved and then promptly said, “Cool! A weekend shirt!”

He wouldn’t be caught dead in that at school. Why? Because one, HELLO, I’M A GEEK! and two, it would draw attention to him and Dude likes to remain low-key.

It adds to his whole mystique persona, you see.

I didn’t give Kevin a gift. Why? Are you kidding me?!

We took Dude out to his favorite Chinese restaurant (the boy LOVES him some Chinese food) and that’s … about it. Like I said, we keep it pretty low-key.

Now next year, when he turns 18 (EIGHTEEN?!?), I’d like to throw him a party, though maybe not, because he’ll be graduating and I want to throw him a party for that and … well heck, why can’t the boy have two parties in one year?

Anyway, since Kevin’s birthday is also Dude’s birthday, I made him pick a restaurant he would like to go to (we’ve always just done the one restaurant in the past and that was always Dude’s pick and you know? How is that fair?) and he’s picking a steak house, which we plan on eating at tomorrow, for lunch, because it’ll be cheaper.

And yes, we really do think like that. 😀

It was a great evening. I’m always a little glad when it’s over just because it stresses me out, having two birthdays on the same day and I want to make sure both of my guys are happy and treated equally, and yet, uniquely.

But you know what? The whole running around with my head cut off? Is totally worth it.

My Pride and Joys

They’re worth it.