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Did You Know … Music Enriches Your Child’s Life?

As many of you know, music is VERY important in my family. Kevin plays electric guitar and has his entire life. He plays in a band and given the choice, would give his career up in a heartbeat in order to pursue his first love (well, his first love is ME, but you know what I mean *grin*).

And I quite often (probably TOO OFTEN) brag talk about Jazz’s experiences with his music in band at school.

Me and Dude? We are content to simply enjoy the whole music experience – we don’t play instruments.

You’ll hear, from time-to-time, when schools are thinking about cutting back on their budgets, about cutting music from the curriculum. I’m here to say, and to testify from first-hand experience, that would be a big, big, BIG mistake.

Music enriches lives FAR more than anyone could ever DREAM possible.

So please, be an advocate to keep music in our schools. Not only do the children benefit, but so does the public at large.

Can you imagine your life without music?

I can’t.

Also, have you heard my niece, Jil Powers, sing?!

“Lead Me to the Cross”

“Help Me Lord”

She’s also a beautiful person.

Yes, we’re very proud.

Thanks for listening. 🙂