Giveaway: 2010 Cute Overload Desk Calendar


#54 – HEATHER!



Thank you to EVERYONE who visited and played!

(Heather, if you see this before I’ve had a chance to contact you, please contact me).


CO Last week, I gave a Baby Blues calendar away. So, it only seems fair that I give a calendar away to the animal lovers out there!

Want to win your very own 2010 Cute Overload Desk Calendar?

Here’s what you do:

Tell me about your pet, or a special animal in your life.

1. Each comment you leave in the comment section counts as one ticket. (One comment per day, please).

2. Subscribe to my feed, receive another ticket. (Please leave separate comment if subscribed).

3. Follow me on Twitter, receive another ticket. (Please leave separate comment if following).

I’ll draw a winner via at 11:00 a.m. CST November 23rd.

(This giveaway is open to US residents/addresses only. Thank you).

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Christmas is Coming to Write From Karen

I worked on my Christmas header over the weekend (in between writing my fingers off for NaNoWriMo and putting the high school newsletter together – why yes, the right side of my brain IS dead, why do you ask?).

I plan on decorating my blog for the holidays this Friday at which time we’ll get into the Christmas mood by doing yet another fun giveaway – stick around.

In the meantime? Here’s a sneak peek: