Vlogemotions: Anxious

This video carnival, aptly named Vlogemotions (get it? Video + blog + emotions = Vlogemotions) focuses on one specific emotion per week and is brought to you by Fort Thompson.

Here is my emotional contribution for the week:

Update: Twelve and 1/2 days until school ends! W00t!

The orthodontist said … four more weeks!

This is like the FIFTH time they’ve pushed him back!! Take those damn braces off already!


11 thoughts on “Vlogemotions: Anxious”

  1. Love the blog…I have 5 more kids to put in braces. My two Ethiopian kids have perfect teeth and WANT braces…go figure…

  2. Wow…I was concerned about you driving and vlogging at the same time. Glad you reached your destination! Haha

    I can hardly walk and talk at the same time, so don’t worry…I won’t attempt to vlog and drive simultaneously. ;o)

    Stay safe, and tell your son to hang in there. It’ll be worth the wait when he sees those teeth in a few weeks!

  3. You’re so pretty!!

    And I cannot believe you are vlogging while driving! Lol! Totally something I would do!

    Thank you for your kind comment on my vlog today.

  4. I am new to the vlogs, and just came over from Tim’s to see yours! i am thinking at least there was not the pressure to look at the camera if you did this while driving! very good!!! (can’t be any worse that texting while driving, but i would never, ever do that either) 🙂

  5. Wow! Talk about multitasking! You did a great job – glad no one with lights attached to their car noticed what you were doing 🙂

    Praying the braces come off and all goes well with school finals.


  6. Great job! Not any different than having a conversation with someone in the car, eh?

    Sorry about the braces being pushed back. 😦 Hopefully he can get them off after this 4 weeks is up.

    Have a day!

  7. Wow, girl, you are one brave soul! I had a hard enough time creating a vlog just sitting on a sofa…I can just imagine the havoc I would cause driving down the street with my camera on the dashboard. What a scary thought! But, you did a super job, I have to admit. I didn’t hear any screeching noises, so that’s a good sign! I completely understand your frustration about the whole braces thing. My oldest daughter wore them for a little over a couple of years and her orthodontist kept telling us that at her next appointment, she’d get them off. Well, each appointment came and went and we kept getting more and more frustrated until the day finally arrived and she got them off! Let me just say that it will be all worth it in the end, so hang in there! My youngest daughter has been wearing a rapid palatal expander for about 2 weeks now and she’s already wanting it OUT! Unfortunately, she has to wear it for 4-6 months, then she’ll have braces for a couple of years. Fun times! 🙂 Have a terrific day!

  8. Karen,

    You are just SOOOO cute! I LOVE all of your vlog posts. Talk about a multitasking mommy! Wow you got that licked. Vlogging while driving? That takes some talent let me tell you. I kept thinking how does she have that camera set up? Is it a mini tripod on the dash? What?

    Anyway, good luck with the braces. If anything I hope they come off so you dont have to pay for them anymore. I wore them for almost 4 years and I know they cost my parents a small fortune. However there can be no price put on having a striaght and beautiful smile.

    Love and Prayers,


  9. LOL! Ok, you and I are on the same track. I also attempted doing a vlog from my car the other day, but I decided I should watch the road instead. Ha. I’m glad you made it safely without any incidents. :o)

    Sorry about the braces!

    So … instead of the road, I ended up on my daughter’s playset.


    Happy Vlogging!

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