8th Grade Impact Zone

Good Saturday, everyone!

I’m waking up to more weather junk: a front came through last night and dropped our temperature ten degrees, so it’s cool and rainy right now.

And my sinuses have expanded and are pressing against my skull.

My poor brain doesn’t need any more pressure. 🙂

Anyway, I thought I would post two of the best songs from Jazz’s 8th grade concert on Thursday night.

This first video is the jazz band. Jazz is the blond kid on the front row, third from the right, playing the saxophone. The song is called “Impact Zone.”

This second video is of the entire 8th grade concert band. The clarinet section is being showcased because the song is called “Clarinet Hoedown.”

The band teacher told us that 90% of the kids were moving on to the high school band next year. I thought that was a pretty impressive percentage. And I’m also relieved for Jazz as he’ll have plenty of familiar faces around him next year.

I know that the name of the school is being shown, and I’m okay with that – Jazz will be leaving that school in a few days so it’s a moot point. 🙂

Besides, I take precautions about keeping my kids anonymous, but you know, I refuse to go crazy about it.

I’m off to do the regular Saturday chores. Don’t forget to check in tomorrow for the start of the Love Dare. In fact, I’m actually starting the dare a day early so I can report on my results.

See ya! *waves*