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Blogger’s Best Carnival – May 2009



Welcome! Take a load off. It’s Saturday and you have my permission (as if you need it!) to be lazy. Here are some apple turnovers and some dark rich coffee to help you get your day started. Are you ready to click on some really great articles? Thanks for dropping by and Happy Reading!


ø J. Cullen presents So Much More Than A Hoop posted at Life’s dewlaps.

ø brit67chick presents Reactive Hypoglycemia in Highly Gifted Children posted at Reactive Hypoglycemia Info, saying, “This is an article about how I discovered what was causing my son’s awful mood swings!”

ø Adam Erickson presents Everyone Knows This posted at Münchner Munchkin, saying, “I’m a stay-at-home dad, living in Munich with my wife and daughter. This is an essay about the trials we encountered during our first weeks in the city, the transcendent power of children, and the kindness of strangers.”

ø Emma presents 7 things new dads do better than moms posted at Baby-Log.

ø Annie Everett presents I wish you had some friends Mummy posted at Lilly Lou Says, saying, “A short insight into life from a 4 year old who acts as a mirror for those around her.”


ø Shannon presents My love story posted at The Daily Balance, saying, “Scroll down to my love story ;)”


ø Kevin presents The Marionette posted at Textual Intercourse.

ø Elizabeth Alexander presents LESSON EIGHT: Play Ball posted at How to be a weekend Dad: A Guide for Single Mothers.

ø Rick Schiano presents The Benefits of the Worst Days of My Life posted at Ricks Victory Blog.

ø Greg Laden presents When Your Field School Goes Into the Toilet posted at Quiche Moraine.

ø Beatriz presents Death 1-5 posted at Beatriz Kim’s Memoir, saying, “This is part five of my memoir series.”


ø Kimberly Foley presents Did You Ever Know You Were My Hero? posted at Kimberly Foley, saying, “This is a story of my grandmother’s life I posted on my blog shortly after her death on April 1, 2009”

ø Brooke Allen presents Lost in Translation posted at Rambling Brooke.

ø Dana presents A game of catch, a game of life posted at Simple Pleasures.

ø Fortuitous Observer presents Sibling Rivalry – Going Cain and Abel posted at Soul Thumping, saying, “Sibling rivalry can be hysterically brutal!”

ø Geetanjali Kaur presents When the cook in me was born 😀 posted at NeeD i SaY MorE??


ø Gary Saucedo presents My Private Emida posted at Fbird Rising, saying, “I wanted to submit this to a carnival because it is my most personal writing to date. I will be rolling out some intense stuff soon and I wanted to get more exposure and comments.”

ø Jessica Sarnaik presents Tiffany Lane posted at Tree Top Confessions, saying, “Collections of stories from my life. This one is from growing up in a small town in Georgia.”

ø Rachael Levy presents In which a heart hurts posted at The Slow-Cooked Sentence.

ø Dark Angel presents Dark Dreams posted at Inner Dreams.


Suburban Turmoil: Christian

Ordinary Art: Division Does Not Make Us Radical

Thursday Drive: How to Land

Is it 5 o’clock Yet?: A Hundred Years From Now, Humans Won’t Have Voice Boxes

Life Just Keeps Getting Weirder: I Feel You Judging Me, Facebook

To Love, Honor and Vacuum: Let’s Bring “Judgment” Back

Anti-Racist Parent: The Princess Problem: “There’s more than one way of being pretty.”

Antique Mommy: Guilt v. Remorse

Motherscribe: It’s about the power of a community rising up and saying, we’re not going to buy into it any more.

Black N’ Right’s Weblog: Dolly Parton and the Gay Elite

Bad Mommy Moments: Circle of Life: The Mall

Miss Britt: When Families Collide

Swistle: The Facts (For Some People)

A Smeddling Kiss: Heartsick

Queen of the Shake Shake: Nooner

Dooce: A Word or Two About Vaccinations

Sandcastle Mama: Cobia Fishing and a Rescue

Chefdruck Musings: Fear of the Road

Chasing Contentment: If I Tell, It Isn’t a Secret Anymore, Is It?

Life with a Little One and More: Goldilocks and the Three Bloggers

Sunshine on My Shoulders: There’s a Problem Here


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