How Many Sugar Cubes Do YOU Consume in a 24-Hour Period?

So, I was going to stuff a Twinkie in my mouth, (Kevin was craving them, which is the only reason we even bought them to begin with) and now they are taunting me every time I open the pantry and I see that bright yellow Twinkie dude on the package, (in fact, I can hear his wee-little voice calling to me now, “Kaaaaren …. oh Kaaaaren, I KNOW you’re out there. I can SMELL your need to consume me. Won’t you have just one wittle bite? Just one taste? What harm is one teensy-tiny bite?”) but then I saw this on the Sugar Stacks website:


And changed my mind. Those four 1/2 sugar cubes have been seared into my brain. I’ve been working out nearly every day to try and get in shape for our family cruise, WHY would I undo everything I’ve done, and ooze all of that sweat and turn into a walking/talking zombie because I’m drained of all energy (temporarily) only to turn around and consume that much junk in three bites?

What a stupid waste of my time.

And I used to drink Starbucks’ Fraps all the time. Guess how much sugar I was consuming by drinking those little cups o’ heaven every day:



I didn’t stop drinking Fraps because of the sugar (though if I had known this back then, I probably would have) but rather, there is something in Starbucks’ drinks that simply does not agree with me. I have all sorts of digestive problems whenever I drink any of their products and ever since cutting them out, I’ve had less problems (I still have problems, but NOTHING like I had when I was drinking Fraps).

But now that I know how much sugar I was consuming?

I can’t say that I miss it.

And honestly? THIS is the reason why I think obesity is so prevalent in our society today:


THINK how much sugar people are consuming every day, sometimes twice, or even three times a day?! One can’t consume that much sugar and NOT gain weight – it’s impossible.

Soda is liquid sugar. Nothing more, nothing less.

Instead, I think I’ll make smarter choices and stick to this sort of snack:


It may not be as tasty, but it’s certainly not going to set up camp in my belly and ask all of it’s fatty friends to come over and roast marshmallows, either.

Though this guy?


Well, he and I, we have a “thing” going. I like him. He likes me. And we often meet for lunch every other day to catch up on news and swap gossip.

But now that I know he’s carrying six 1/2 cubes of sugar? Well, I’m thinking I won’t be inviting him over to play …

as often.

You can find many more sobering sugar shots over at Sugar Stacks.

Tell me, how much sugar do you think you consume in a 24-hour period?

ADDED: I just read the Sugar Stacks blog and I find it very interesting that so many people are trying to discredit and/or are upset by what the Sugar Stacks people are doing – are people feeling guilty because they can no longer justify, or ignore, concrete images of the crap they are putting into their bodies?

I always think it’s rather a good thing whenever people start getting upset about things like this – it means they’re hitting a nerve and quite honestly? I think people, in general, need to wake up and stop fooling themselves. A little accountability, and self-analysis, never hurt anyone. Just my two cents.