Vlogemotions: Courage

This video carnival, aptly named Vlogemotions (get it? Video + blog + emotions = Vlogemotions) focuses on one specific emotion per week and is brought to you by Fort Thompson.

Here is my emotional contribution for the week:

In case you would like to learn more about the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) project, you can find their website here.

I think I’ll vlog whether or not I cracked open my novel next week. If anything else, that should motivate me to DO something about it, right?? I suppose my emotion for next week could range anywhere from ecstatic to depressed. We’ll find out next week.

Thanks for visiting! I’m really enjoying “meeting” so many new faces!!

6 thoughts on “Vlogemotions: Courage”

  1. I’m excited for you…go for it! We are our own harshest critics…take it easy on yourself, okay? I’m sure it’s great. :o)

    I love this Vlogemotion carnival Tim started. I’m being introduced to so many new people!

    Come to visit me sometime. :o)

  2. Oh, good luck on the novel girl! I know you can do it!

    I enjoyed your vlog! I hope you’ll come over to visit me.


  3. Thanks for your sweet comment on my vlog about my mom. I’m sorry you’ve lost yours, too. I’ve lost my dad, too, but forgot to mention that…guess I can vlog about that one come Father’s Day. 🙂

    Good luck opening up your novel…I’m sure it’s wonderful…you might surprise yourself! 🙂

  4. You have to do it. You just have to. Maybe I’ll motivate myself to do it too. =)

    By the way, thanks for the compliment. Momversations just has to pick me…even if I don’t win.

    Or that boo boo face will never ever go away!

  5. GREAT job as always! I know you can do it and look forward to finding out what happens.

    Funny thing. I was going to talk about the mascara mouth thing and it was just one of the many things that I forgot. It was one of the main mirror moments i wanted to discuss. Its a phenomenom that I bet NOONE can explain.

    Maybe you should pick up on your vlog next week where I left off and explain it? Who better to talk about it than a lady. I mean what to us guys know about make up?

    Anyway, great job again.

    Make sure you link up with mr linky so others can see your vlogemotions post! I didnt see your URL there. you can also link up at mama kats as she is featuring vlogemotions this week on her writers workshop.

    Love and Prayers,


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