Photo Story Friday

Photo Story Friday: Catching Some ZzZ’s

Oh look! Another wonderful excuse to scan old pictures and bore you to tears!! Yay!


I know.

I have a big butt.

But let’s move past the butt (if you can) and look at the fact that my husband? Used to take pictures of me while I was sleeping and it used to irritate me.

In fact, he still likes to take pictures of me sleeping and it still irritates me.

I have no idea why I’m so interesting to him while I’m sleeping.

Maybe that’s when he likes me the best – when I’m unconscious and quiet. 😀

This had to have been taken before the boys came along.

Because I’m pretty sure I didn’t sleep long enough for my picture to be taken after they came along.

I feel a nap coming on.

‘Scuse me. ZzzZzzZz


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  1. Good Morning, Karen. Cute picture! I have a Thursday Night Blog Review at Electra’s Rough Draft and last night I featured your blogs. Have a great Mother’s Day.

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