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A Thousand Words Thursday

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I saw this photo and it reminded me of this photo that my mom took during GD’s 16th birthday party in November:

birthday money, originally uploaded by PaceGuy.

November, 2008.

Since he turned 16, my mom hid one $2.00 bill in 16 various items (inside a candy bar, etc.). GD had an absolute blast finding the bills and he really got a kick out of having so many $2.00 bills – a unique bill for a unique kid.

Thanks for going to all of the trouble, mom. That will be yet another birthday that he’ll always remember.

You know, this picture was taken only a few months ago and yet, he looks so different now. My oldest son doesn’t even look like a boy anymore he looks more like a … like a … *gulp* MAN.! *gasp*

Wha?? When did that happen??

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