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Turn It Down a Notch, Won’t You?


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This week’s prompt: Heads – Loud


We are not loud people.

In fact, it’s safe to say, we really can’t stand to be AROUND loud people.

I remember being shushed a lot when I was a kid. My dad got cranky when we were loud so I sort of grew up being quiet. It wasn’t until later that I really began to appreciate the art of silence.

Loud people make me nervous. Why do loud people feel so compelled to be loud? Insecurity? Attention? Why the theatrics? Loud people are obnoxious, irritating and definitely not cute, funny or even appealing when they’re loud. And don’t these loud people know that by being loud they are actually being counterproductive because no one really wants to be around a loud person?

Knowing when to shut up is a sign of maturity and a respect for those around you, quite frankly.

GD was a pretty quiet kid, MK? Not so much. He was a SCREAMER when he was little and his SCREAMS would make your ears bleed; they were loud and shrill and the tone was just one octave below your sanity level. When he got into one of his screaming fits (there were times NOTHING calmed that boy down), I actually went and sat in my car in the garage just to get my head screwed back on right before I felt calm enough to deal with him again.

lou35 I’m not a loud talker, though MK is. In fact, I had to constantly remind him when he was little (and occasionally still do now that he’s a teenager) to use his inside voice. He had a tendency to forget that the people he was talking to? Were standing right next to him.

I used to try and analyze why he felt the need to talk so loudly. Could he not hear himself? Was he just excited about something and couldn’t keep it inside? Was he trying to blow people’s eardrums? It was a mystery to me.

Loud people make me cringe. They physically hurt my ears. And loud shrill voices are the worst. In fact, its a pretty safe bet that if I find myself around that sort of person, I will politely, but quickly, exit the premises. There’s something so … uncomfortable about being around a loud person. Aside from the obvious irritating noise factor, there’s the fact that by being loud, that person is displaying his/her insecurities for all the world to see and I feel embarrassed for them.

The only time I’m ever loud with my children is when I’m scolding them. I talk in a pretty neutral voice most of the time so when I raise my voice, it really gets my kids’ attention (there’s a little tip for you new mothers – don’t raise your voice very often. Then when you do, not only will your kids sit up and take notice, they will know you mean business).

My kids do not like it when I raise my voice. I have a very harsh, even cruel, voice when I raise it and I’ve caught them actually cringing several times when I use it. Needless to say, they will pretty much do anything I ask them in order to prevent me from raising my voice.


I don’t like loud music UNLESS I’m really ticked off. Then I love to crank it up. When I get angry, it’s like my body puts off these intense heat waves and the music helps to absorb those nasty thoughts and anger vibes somehow.

My husband likes to play his guitar pretty loud. In fact, we have to shut him off in his office when he gets in one of his “moods” because it’s so loud it actually vibrates the windows and yes, our neighbors can hear it.

The only person who can not STAND loud noise, of any kind, is GD. And I think he might have sensitive ears partly because he was a preemie. Another reason I think he doesn’t like loud noises is because he’s just a sensitive kid. He has never handled strife very well in his life – he’s more of a smooth sailing, easy-going personality and doesn’t really “do” drama, of any sort or from anyone.

I think loud people, in general, are selfish and self-centered. I tend to get very impatient with people who don’t have enough sense to be quiet – especially when the situation demands it, like in a library, or during a movie.

“There are times when silence has the loudest voice”

How true, how true.

4 thoughts on “Turn It Down a Notch, Won’t You?”

  1. Oh, dear. I’m a loud person too much of the time. I try to remember to us the softer voice, but if I’m excited or nervous the voice just booms. No one has ever had to say to me speak up. Even my whispering is loud.

  2. My house is very quiet – but I’m louder than I’ve been in a long time – lost my voice for a while and it grew back noisy. lol I have a hard time remembering not to try to speak louder than necessary – it’s an effort!

  3. I love loud music almost anytime, but I’m with you on loud people. My daughter’s best friend is one of the loudest children I know and I am always grateful when she leaves.

  4. I hear you. (No pun intended.) Loud people seem too aggressive and scary to me.

    I like my music loud when I’m really happy.. and louder when I’m ticked. 😛

    I like the quote at the end of the post.

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