At the Moment …

I’m scrolling through the website and crunching numbers and making note of the attractions I think we would be interested in.

The numbers: Wow. Granted, I ran through the program on the Disney site, which is most likely the most expensive of any other options open to us at this time, but at least it gives us the maximum amount we can expect to pay.

Which is still about $1,500 more than I was braced for. Wow. Though I would love to go, even more now that I’ve had a look at the attractions, I’m not sure if we can justify spending that much money. It just seems so … outrageous.

We went on the AAA website yesterday and requested a travel agent contact us. We went through AAA because we’re members and I read that they offer (small) discounts to their members. I plan on sort of pinning the agent to the wall when he/she calls (nicely, of course) and telling the agent, “look, we can get the whole enchilada through Disney for X number of dollars. Can you beat that?”

We’ll see what he/she says.

When we first threw out the idea of going to Disney World to the kids and they rolled their eyes, I confess, I was a little worried there wouldn’t be enough for teenagers to do, but after looking at the attractions, I don’t think that will be a problem. We’re not big roller coaster people (we all get motion sickness, except for the husband) so the rides weren’t really a consideration when I looked through the attractions. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised to find quite a few things in The Magic Kingdom that I think the boys would like to do. And I was equally surprised that there wasn’t as many things that appealed to us in the Animal Kingdom. In fact, I’m predicting that’s the park we spend the least amount of time in.

I think my favorite will be the Studios. I want to do everything that’s listed – it all sounds like so much fun and so up my alley. I’m sure we’ll be spending most of our time in either Epcot or the Studios.

IF we go. And that’s IF I can wrench the money from my husband’s fingers.

We’re planning on going in mid-June. Two reasons: It doesn’t sound like it’s QUITE as crowded as opposed to late June through August and that’s the only time the husband can justify taking off work. We are planning on staying six full days, not taking our travel days into consideration.

I’ve learned a thing or two about Disney vacations through this – I’ll have to share my tips and resources with you after (if?) we iron out the details. It’s quite overwhelming at first, but once you get the hang of things, it’s still overwhelming, though a more manageable overwhelming.

It’s now after two in the afternoon and I’m on my way to the grocery store to buy some hash browns for tonight’s breakfast (for dinner). After that I will be cleaning bathrooms and vacuuming the floors so the house looks nice for the husband when he gets home. This is his stressful time of year and he’s on edge and cranky. Having a clean house tends to calm him down a bit.

I’ve been so distracted with the Disney vacation that I’m a bit behind in my regular work, so, I will spend the rest of the afternoon tweaking some pages and making changes for the schools.

The boys start the 2nd semester tomorrow with fresh classes. GD does in fact have PE this quarter so hopefully, all of that walking will pay off. He’s also got Geometry, Chemistry and Shop. I have a feeling this semester is going to be a lot busier for him as opposed to last semester.

MK’s classes stay the same save for one – he’ll get rid of PE and have a health class instead. I’m REALLY glad PE is over for him, having PE in the spring is hell for him because of his allergies.

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  1. The food courts are great. They’re a little expensive but they give you so much food that Hubby and I only got one meal and shared it. Enough for both of us and nothing to have to throw away!

  2. I went to WDW on my honeymoon and I can’t wait to take the girls. It is expensive but there’s nowhere else like it. You’re going to have such a great time!

  3. There are always food courts. You’d have to pay out of pocket but it would be cheaper than paying for that kitchen room. Those suites are expensive!

  4. Thanks Angie!

    The boys would be okay with breakfast, the husband? Not so much. He has to have something with substance. Food is always a problem with us. Always.

    I did see the 4/3 special. In fact, AAA just sent me an email about that very thing (coincidence? Probably not) so I will definitely talk to the agent about that. If it means saving several hundreds of dollars and reserve a regular room as opposed to a suite with a kitchen and go w/o breakfast, the husband will do it – we’ll just figure something else out about the food.

    And I will definitely look into the grocery delivery thing. If we could JUST get something to eat for breakfast …

  5. Looks like the 4/3 offer isn’t good for the Suites. Just a standard room. Sorry.

    There are places that will deliver groceries to your resort if you want cheap food in the room. All you’d really need is a small refrigerator for a gallon or two of milk and then some boxes of cereal. If you get a refillable mug when you get there you can go down and get a drink for breakfast every morning. No problem.

    When we went with your parents we just ate granola bars/cereal bars in the room for breakfast every morning. It worked for us.

  6. Is that with the 4/3 deal they’ve got going on? You pay for 4 nights and get the other 3 nights free. I know there are only certain dates it’s good for but if you rearrange your travel plans by a few days/weeks you could save a ton of money. I’d recommend going to and reading up about the offer/dates. It’s a great messageboard with TONS of information on it.

    I’m already planning for our 2010 trip with my family. We stay offsite though, my parents own a timeshare with a full kitchen. That, alone, will save us $700 since they let us stay with them for free. We just have to pay for food, tickets and travel expenses. Dave isn’t too keen on spending a week with my family but I really don’t care. It’s Disney World and the boys will LOVE it.

  7. Thanks Monica!

    We are looking into a family suite at the All-Star Music resort mainly because it has a small kitchen. I think we’re going to go ahead and buy the dining package simply because that will save us the headache of always wondering where (and how much) our next meal will be. Since the package includes a lunch, dinner and two snacks, that really only leaves breakfast.

    Now me, I can go w/o breakfast, in fact, I rarely eat breakfast, but I have three men/boys and skipping breakfast is simply not an option for them. So we really need a small kitchen so I can get them feed and happy before we take off for the day.

    Whenever we go on vacation, we usually get a room with a kitchenette because if there is one thing we HATE spending money on, is food. So, we usually just buy groceries and eat at our room when we go on vacation. But Disney sounds like it might be more trouble than it’s worth to stop, travel back to the room, eat and then travel back – our day would get away from us. So if we go with the dining package, we could eat on the run, so to speak, and just worry about breakfast.

    It sounds good. I just hope it works out that way. 🙂

  8. Just wanted to throw a couple things out there for you. I live right next to Disney, so we go every now and again.. Plus I have family that work there. Anywho, back on track. Yes, I agree your teenagers should be able to find things that they will like. Epcot, is a good one for the older crowd, as it has more about culture, less about rides. Magic Kingdom isn’t to bad for older kids, there are a few rides that should interest them, plus shows. May I suggest the Lion King show it is excellent. Studio’s is also another great one for the older crowd. I like the animal kingdom a lot myself, but I’m an animal person. They have a nice surfarri ride, and a nice water ride for those hot days. I wouldn’t come any later than Mid June, as the weather starts to get really hot, until about September-October. They have excellent food, but if you want to save some money get a room with a kitchenet so you can make some stuff in your room. Any other questions I can help you with just let me know! 🙂 Hope you have a nice vacation if you decide to take it.

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