Impossible Harmony

This is what happens when I try and coordinate with other people. *grin* In fact, the Beaker who catches his violin on fire? Yeah, that would be me.

I’m a team player, as long as everyone does what I want them to do. LOL

What about you? Are you team player? Or do you prefer to go solo?

Me? Solo, all the way.

I’m not painting a very flattering picture of myself, am I.

3 thoughts on “Impossible Harmony”

  1. Okay, the musician in me LOVED this video. I just may watch it about twenty more times. I’m not sure about solo versus team player in general, but as far as music goes, I hate being a soloist. As a piano player, I have the opportunity to accompany, which is where I am comfortable. same with singing. A duet with my husband or singing with my quartet is awesome, but I will not sing solo unless under duress.

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