My Dog is Smarter Than Your Honor Student … Huh?

I’m seeing these things all over cars where I live:


What does that even mean?? Is that an insult to children? Is that an insult to the parents of honor students? Are animal owners jealous of people with honor students? Is that dissing our school system? Our teachers? Our education system overall?

I’ve even seen a bumper sticker like this on an SUV that I see in the car line everyday when picking up my sons. So I’m assuming they have a child at that school. Is this an insult to their child? How does that child feel being compared to the family pet and in essence being told, “Our dog is smarter than you are!”

AARGH! I’m confused!

I seriously don’t get it.

I have a headache trying to make sense of this.

Enlighten me, Internet.

5 thoughts on “My Dog is Smarter Than Your Honor Student … Huh?”

  1. Some yes, some no. I think it depends on what is learned from the parents. Uptight, rigid, success-driven parents are going to pass that on to their kids. So, in that case, it would hurt the kids feelings. Others, like my Kitty, who is an honor student, find the dog bumper stickers amusing. Then again, she’s a dog lover too.

    I suspect that it bothers the parent more than the student. I also suspect it really only bothers the student if the parent turns it into an issue. Kids are more forgiving than adults.

  2. I totally agree with that. In fact, my son got one of those stickers one semester and I refused to put it on my car.

    Why? Because I told him I was proud of him no matter what his grades were (and I felt it was bragging).

    I figured the stickers were meant to poke fun at the parents – and rightly so in some cases.

    But I do wonder how the kids feel about it. Does it somehow diminish their sense of accomplishment?

  3. Thea’s got the right of it. It wasn’t so much to poke fun at the honor student, but the parent of said honor student and their bumper sticker plastered cars. I’ve viewed 5 at a time on a vehicle. Really!!?! Is it that necessary? More importantly, is it necessary to brag like that AND embarrass your kids?

    It was once someone’s attempt to bring a little levity to offset the annoyance of those stickers.

    Hey, what about all those parents that insist on perfection from their kids? You know, the ones that freak if their kid gets less than an “A” on anything?

  4. I think it’s a stupid attempt to make fun of honor students…or more specifically, of their parents. I think the initial reaction they are looking for from the parents is “Well, NO THEY ARE NOT!” which just points to the fact that sometimes parents get a little obsessive about their kids’ grades (and therefore, intellects).

    I hope that made sense.

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