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Menu Plan Monday – October 20th

It’s been a while since I participated in this meme. As you all know, I’m not exactly a big fan of cooking, but we have to eat so … here we are.

The husband and I have been watching The Food Network again. We go through stages where we feel the need to learn new recipes and try something new (okay, HE feels the need to try something new because he gets sick of the same old crap I cook every night and to keep the peace, I go along with him. *grin*)

We’ve been watching these shows specifically:

Everyday Italian (or as my husband calls it, Everyday Cleavage because the woman loves to show her girls off. But hey, she’s hot, so she’s entitled, I suppose). Her recipes are cool, but a bit too fancy for my tastes. She also likes her wine – the lush. *grin*

Paula’s Home Cooking – LOVELOVELOVE this woman. She is so bubbly and cute and I love when she has her husband and sons on to “help” her. We’ve actually seen quite a few Paula recipes we’d like to try.

Quick Fix Meals – this woman’s eyes FREAK ME OUT, (I think she thinks her eyes are too squinty so she over compensates by opening them really wide and she just looks like a serial killer when she does that), but her recipes are right up my alley – nutritious and fast.

(We try and watch Rachel Ray, but I find her extremely annoying in a most pesky way. I think it’s the voice?)

I’ll let ya’ll know if/when we try any of the recipes shown on these shows and how they turned out. It should be a regular I Love Lucy moment, let me tell you. 8)

Here’s our menu for this week:

Sunday: Chicken Fried Rice – I really couldn’t find a similar recipe on so I’ll just tell you that this is one of the stir fry recipes my husband cooks and it’s delish! He stir fries chicken, cubed carrots, scrambles a few eggs and rice together and we top it with soy sauce. It’s a family favorite. (Especially mine, because he cooks it. *grin*)

Monday: Tostadas

Tuesday: Ham & Potato Skillet (Substitute yogurt for the sour cream. You’ll never be able to taste the difference and it’s lower in fat).

Wednesday: Smothered Steak – I actually got this recipe from a gal I used to work with. You just brown top-round steak, then lower the heat to simmer. Pour two cans of tomato sauce and one can of stewed tomatoes on top of the meat and then add a green pepper and onion to the concoction about four hours into the cooking time (cook on simmer all day) and that’s it! It’s melt in your mouth tender and my guys love it. Don’t forget the yeast rolls!

Thursday: Chicken and Dumplings: This is a great meal this time of year; it takes the chill out of the chilly nights. We actually bought a steamer (which I had no idea how to use until the husband explained it to me – and you only THOUGHT I was kidding about my whole ‘I don’t cook unless I have to’ spiel) so I’ll most likely make carrots to go with the dumplings using the new steamer.

Friday and Saturday – we “go git.” It’s tradition. And I get cranky if I have to cook more than four times a week (Sunday is the husband’s turn to cook).

What’s on your menu this week? Do you have any recipes you MUST share with me? I’m specifically looking for recipes with ham in it. Suggestions?

5 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday – October 20th”

  1. ROFL… my husband says almost the same thing about Giada. At least 3 days a week, I start watching the Food Channel at 4:30 (for Everyday Italian) and watch straight through to 7:00. So at 5:00, it’s Barefoot Contessa, whom my husband does not like and I do admit she seems a bit pretentious or condescending at times. Then at 5:30 I watch Paula, whom my husband HATES because of her voice. Then I watch two episodes of Rachel’s 30-Minute Meals. She doesn’t get on my nerves as much, but my husband says, “if you took EVOO, feta cheese, and spinach away from that woman, she couldn’t cook anything!”

  2. Try this one and let me know if it’s terrific! It sounds pretty good with all those ingredients but I haven’t tried it yet. Be good for cold weather eating!

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