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Fleeting Thoughts

I can’t believe this weather. It. Has. Been. Gorgeous. As in, sunny and low 70’s gorgeous. And LOW humidity! That’s really saying something for this area of the country. (I live in SW Missouri, in case you’re curious).

The tips of the trees are beginning to turn. I really hope we have a blinding in-your-face sort of fall. I am the most relaxed (and dare I say happiest?) this time of year!

I think Google is mad at me. And I’m not even sure I can explain this, but I’ll try. I purchased my own domain name – I’ve had it for quite some time, actually. Anyway, when I moved my blog over to and redirected my domain to this URL (so that when you brought up my blog, my URL showed instead of I noticed something really curious – the number of visitors to my site plummeted. Which doesn’t really bother me overmuch, I don’t base my blog success on how many hits I receive, but I was curious.

So, I changed my blog URL back to And suddenly, I started receiving hits again.

And then, being the dolt that I am, I forgot about that little experiment and changed it back to And when nearly a week had gone by and no one had entered my photo contest (what is up with that, btw? The photo contests are usually so popular!), I began to wonder what was going on. Oops, it was because of the URL change. (I’m assuming! Maybe people don’t like me anymore).

So, I changed it back to again.

Apparently, Google gets cranky when you toggle back and forth like that. I didn’t know that, but I read it somewhere.

So … I need to quit messing with stuff and allow Google’s spiders free reign. WELCOME GOOGLE! (It never hurts to do a little butt kissing, now and again).

I just received a reminder call from Sears Portrait Studio. We are scheduled to go in this Sunday and have our family picture taken. The last time we did this was in 2006. I have no idea what we’re going to wear. I dressed (the boys would die of humiliation if they knew I share the fact that I “dress” my kids when it comes to picture time. HEY! Pictures are important to me, they aren’t going to look like homeless geeks that day, mmkay?) the boys in sweaters last time, I’m thinking something a bit more dressy this go-around. In fact, I think I’ll shop for some oxford shirts for the boys today. Then all my guys could wear different colored oxfords and me … well, I’ll wear something to color coordinate.

I know. I put WAY too much thought into getting our pictures taken.

Speaking of pictures – we took a bunch of random pictures of our family outside in our yard this time last year. And they were some of my favorite pictures of our family. We set our camera up on a tripod and the husband had one of those remote control things and just began clicking away. There are several where we’re all laughing or just acting goofy and I LOVE them! I think we’ll do that again. In fact, this weekend is supposed to be nice and we live just a half mile from the lake … maybe we’ll go down and take some casual family pictures this weekend. (maybe)

The boys will be THRILLED! *grin*

GD is riding in a car, with a stranger, today. And I’m not exactly worried, but … okay, I’m a little worried. He is going to a park with his Graphic Design class today to take some pictures. And considering he’s only 15 and not driving, he needed a ride.

His teacher offered to take him and two other classmates in her car (and yes, I asked if it was just going to be him and his teacher. Because if so? I would have driven him myself). I’m nervous because he’ll be putting his life in someone else’s hands. She better take good care of him or I’ll kick her ass.

Just sayin’.

MK has been limping for a solid week now. And not just a little limp, a bona fide lopsided walk sort of limp. He says his heel is hurting him. But he doesn’t want to go to the doctor. And it doesn’t hurt him when he runs, only when he walks.

WTH? What sort of pain only hurts when you’re walking and not running? Shouldn’t that be the other way around. So, I’m wondering if it’s his way of getting attention or trying to draw sympathy from people or what. I can’t decide what is wrong with that boy. We’re going to give it another week and if it’s still hurting, I’ll take him in.

But I really don’t think it’s anything serious. I’ve looked at his heel and it looks fine (though that’s not always a good indication, I know) and I watch him when he’s not looking – he limps sometimes, and sometimes he doesn’t.

Mainly when he knows I’m watching him.

Hhmm … suspect.

I think I’m wearing the wrong kind of makeup. Look at this picture:

Pale Face

Look at pale my face is!! Compare the skin on my face to the skin on my chest – VERY DIFFERENT shades. I think my makeup is too light. Which wouldn’t surprise me because I’m not the sort of person who spends too much time thinking about what makeup I’m wearing. It covers blotchy spots and freckles? Works for me!

I think I’ll buy a little darker foundation and see if that helps.

Of course, it would help if I wore blush but that takes time and … I don’t really care all THAT much.

I can’t decide if I like reading Dr. Laura’s blog or not. Though I like the woman, and I like what she has to say (most of the time), I think she might be just a tad too off-putting for my tastes. I’m pretty arrogant in my opinions, but I’m a marshmallow compared to this woman.

Read this blog entry and then tell me what you think.

Me? I think feminism HAS gotten way out of hand, but geez, not every woman aspires to be a 50’s wife cardboard cutout.


And speaking of blog entries – here are some that really touched me this week:

Huckkdoll’s Carnage

The best pouty face I’ve EVER seen over at A Whole Lot of Nothing.

I’m REALLY enjoying Abbey Ryan’s art. She posts a new painting each day and you can even buy it from her on eBay!

Spidey’s dance totally made my week at Mommy’s Martini.

If you have some fun/interesting/touching blog links to share, please do! I’m always looking for new blogs to add to my reader.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

4 thoughts on “Fleeting Thoughts”

  1. Mineral makeup, I’ll look into that. Thanks Candid!

    Berry, I bought him some heel gels – we’ll see how that works for him. If not, well, we’ll just play it by ear. He says it kills him after P.E. (when he’s forced to run, etc.) so maybe the stress fracture? I did research Plantar Fasciitis and one of the things it suggested was heel gels. I hope it helps and I hope it’s nothing more than a strain that time will heal.

  2. Oh-and as for the Dr Laura blog – (ducking)..I agree with her. but then I’ve become the quit-my-job-stay-at-home-raise-my-daughter-be-a-good-housewife woman. Who knew.

    History: I used to be a cop. How far from the above description can you GET???

  3. Hi Karen!
    A question: does your son limp more first thing in the morning or after he’s been sitting for a while? Does he run a lot? Does he walk around barefoot on hard floors a lot?

    He says it’s heel pain?

    Could be Plantar Fasciitis. Very real, and not fun. Not fun at all.

    Other possibilities: a cyst, stress fracture (also not fun-I know all about that one) or tendon issues.

    If he says he’s got pain, I’d listen. I know you guys don’t have free health care like here in Canada but seriously, don’t mess with this. It could affect his entire life if it’s ignored. I ignored my foot pain and continued running on it until one day I collapsed going up stairs (my pain was only when I ran, at first, so I dismissed it). Turned out I had a severe stress fracture of my metatarsal. I’d been running on a broken foot for over a month. And walking on it, etc. I was in a walking cast for 3 months and to this day it isn’t healed properly-that was 3 years ago.

    Then again, he could be playing it up – who knows?

    Good luck

  4. I started using mineral makeup about six months ago and I’ve really noticed a difference in the way my face blends in. I love it! It smooths me out.

    I don’t like Dr Laura. I just don’t. Don’t exactly know why. She makes me cringe!

    Those pictures were bootimus. They’re incredibly well done and really nice. I oooed and awwwed a bunch! Honestly.

    I ‘dress’ my kids for pictures, too. Gotta coordinate! No two different color green’s either! LOL… I’m totally with you on that one!

    We close our pool this weekend. Someone is going to have to dive in and clean it out before we do. It’s not that cold yet here but…brrrrrr….the water isn’t exactly warm! The fall in those 2007 pics look so good to me. I used to live in Connecticut and it makes me miss it a little. A little. I then remember those crazy snow filled winters and back down a bit!


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