Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen – Shame on Me

Thirteen Things About Me I’m Not Proud Of

1. The really, really mean thoughts I have about stupid drivers.

2. When I add to my husband’s stress levels with my irrational behavior.

3. My lack of patience (truly, it’s a problem).

4. My intolerance for, um, less than intelligent people.

5. My inability to listen to people’s excuses (because sometimes there IS a good reason why they did what they did).

6. Jumping to conclusions before hearing all of the facts.

7. My outspoken, sometimes arrogant, opinions.

8. The fact that my lazy streak can last for DAYS, Grr.

9. The fact that I can sometimes be selfish with my time.

10. Not taking the time to really get to know my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

11. My tendency to avoid people because of my insane shyness (which is weird, I’m not always that way, but there are weeks I simply can’t bring myself to TALK to people. I know, it’s weird).

12. The two days of the month when I’m a walking hormonal witch and could care less about people’s feelings.

13. The fact that I spend way too much time on this blog and not enough time on my writing. (Seriously, I need to focus).


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14 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen – Shame on Me”

  1. Karen, I see myself in all of those but #11. I was #11 in the past. Instead, I think I’d substitute that I have a hard time forgiving and forgetting. I think that I forgive, but since I don’t ever forget, all the feelings and emotions are still there. I believe that in order to truly be able to forgive, you have to be able to at least somewhat forget.

  2. I started out thinking you wrote that list about me… clear down to # 10 before I wasn’t saying “ouch!”

    I’m adding you to my TT today – it should be up shortly…

  3. A very accurate analysis, Betsy!

    I find myself getting stuck in phase 2!

    Seriously, I’m so DRAMATIC sometimes. *sigh*

  4. Re: #6 – Conclusion Jumping

    I am familiar with the conclusion jumper! I’ve analyzed this behavior and have broken it down into four distinct phases:

    Phase 1. Conclusion (Erroneous, hasty conclusion is reached).

    Phase 2. Overreaction (significant angst is expressed over conclusion).

    Phase 3. Enlightenment (revelation of flaw in conclusion by tactful second party (me)).

    Phase 4. Back-pedaling (self explanatory).

    But I like this person very much and view this as part of the fun of coming to work! And I’m sure your family loves you because of these perceived “faults” – not in spite of them. So don’t sweat it!!

  5. I’m guilty of more than a few of those as well. Don’t feel too bad – we all have those days, weeks, months. . .years!

    Happy TT!

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