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Weekend Snapshot(s) – Marching Along

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We attended our first high school football game (since the husband and I were in high school that is) Friday night and we had a blast!

MK’s band class had a chance to march with the high school marching band. The kids had an option of showing up for extra credit and to my surprise, MK was ALL over it. He very eagerly wanted to join in so, join in we did.

I got a late start on Friday because I ate three (!!) donuts and felt so guilty that I forced myself to do a 40 minute Turbo Jam. By the time I got cleaned up and back from grocery shopping, it was after 5:00 and I was supposed to have MK at the stadium to meet his class at 6:05 – and we hadn’t eaten.

So, we raced to McDonald’s (ick) and the kids stuffed crap down their throats while I squinted at a map and tried to get us to our destination. They were supposed to meet at a skate park across the street from the stadium – I didn’t even know there WAS a skate park!

After dropping him off, GD and I met up with the husband and we walked to the entrance. It was going to cost us $4.00 a piece to get in, but I remembered I had paid an athletic fee when we ordered GD’s name tag (because I was hoping we would get around to attending some games), so he was able to get into the game for free (bonus!). We got comfortable (or as comfortable as we could be given the rock hard seats – must remember to buy stadium cushions!) and had a good time watching the dance girls and the cheerleaders warm up and do some cheers while we waited for the marching band to arrive.

(I think GD really enjoyed that part. *wink*)

Then, the high school marching band marched onto the field. I actually got a lump in my throat watching MK marching right along with them. It was also really impressive to see the high school kids in their fancy marching uniforms.

Out on the field

They lined up and played the high school fight song along with the Star Spangled Banner.

Experiencing Being with a Big Band

If you look closely, you can see MK playing his saxophone (follow the arrow). His classmates were all dressed in their band shirts and black slacks – I thought they looked quite smart.

After they finished playing and were walking off the field, the boy on MK’s left slapped him on the back and told him he did a good job. I thought that was so sweet! And I bet that meant a lot to MK, too.

The band filed into the bleachers and the game started.

Within two minutes of the game starting, the opposing team ran a 75 yard touchdown.

And that set the precedent for the first half of the game. By halftime? We were down THREE TOUCHDOWNS. It was not a pretty sight. And not a very good introduction to GD’s first football game, but it didn’t matter. It was still fun to get caught up in the crowd and cheer for our team. In fact, GD was pretty stiff and awkward at first, but he soon relaxed and I could tell, he was actually enjoying himself – I’m so glad we did this.

The hubs snuck down to the bleachers to find MK during a time out and took a picture of MK and his best bud:

Best Buddies

I think MK looks so stiff because it was pretty chillly and he was freezing.

We stayed to watch the half-time show:

HS Marching Band

And WOW! The band was amazing! They stepped, marched and danced their way into all sorts of configurations all while the flag girls danced in between them. It was quite impressive.

Afterward, I asked MK if he was excited about participating in marching band.

“NO WAY!” he said.

I was disappointed. He didn’t think he would be able to keep track of all the moves as well as play and I’m sure it was HARD to do both! But I was a little disappointed as I was quite looking forward to him wearing one of those fancy-smancy uniforms.

Oh well. Maybe he’ll change his mind before next year.


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6 thoughts on “Weekend Snapshot(s) – Marching Along”

  1. Yes, marching and playing (or as I did, twirled a flag) is something to master, but it’s such an awesome experience. I believe that activity is one of the most challenging and most rewarding thing high school has to offer. I think it really does a lot for boosting self-confidence and self-discipline.

    However, if he does participate in marching band, be ready for fund-raisers. Good lord, I thought it was bad when I was in high school (*covers mouth to muffle number*) years ago, but my younger cousins participated within the past few years, and it is INSANE now how much money has to be raised.

    But there is just something about crisp, fall air and the echo of a drumline cadence… *sigh* the memories.

  2. What a wonderful time. You brought back some fun memories of my adolescence. I think I went to the games for the fun and the bands. Never could dig the game!

  3. Karen, pass this on to MK:

    Dear MK,

    Please rethink your decision to not participate in marching band next year. Marching band is a great experience! The marching and playing at the same time thing is not as hard as it seems. The hardest part is memorizing all the music! You will make great friends and have great memories. You get to go to all the football games (even playoffs!) for free. You get to participate in marching contests and make friends with people from other schools – people you might not ever meet otherwise. The band becomes like a family. It is a big committment, but totally worh the time and energy.

    I am a French horn player. I was in marching band. I graduated high school 10 years ago and I still have vivid memories from band – the goofy things that we did, the contests, the road trips, the god-awful uniforms we wore. It was what made high school bearable – and even fun!

    Thanks for listening,

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