A Crappy Week

Things have been tough at our house this week.

GD and I have been feeling under the weather. I can’t decide if GD’s problem is allergies (ragweed is high right now) or if he has a cold. I caught something from GD (I think) and I’ve been battling severe congestion and even more severe headaches all week. Last night I virtually passed out because it felt like the top of my head was going to shoot off from the pressure.

The husband stubbed his little toe on our treadmill early this week and has been limping around ever since. I don’t think he broke it, he can sort of move it now, but it swelled up so badly that he had to remove his shoes at work in order to handle the pain.

MK hasn’t been sick, but he’s been dealing with bratty classmates all week. I’m happy to report that he apparently took care of that problem (just by being loud and drawing attention to himself – see? I told you that would work) and the boys seemed to have grown tired of bugging him.

I’ve been on the computer so much this week that I’m sure that has contributed to my mind-numbing headaches. I’m so sick of the computer at this point I’m tempted to just shut the thing down and pretend it doesn’t exist it all weekend.

*snort* As if that will happen.

I was pulling into the school parking lot this morning when GD suddenly told me he felt nauseous. This is NOT something a mom wants to hear when she’s on the verge of leaving her child behind. I asked him if he wanted to go home, but he bravely refused and now I’m sitting here worried how he’s getting along. I jumped into the shower as soon as I got home this morning, so if I get a call from the school, I’m ready to run up there and get him. I HATE when the kids are sick – and not just because I feel bad for them, but because I never know what to do for them. I gave GD some DayQuil this morning thinking that might help with his sore throat/coughing problem and then coincidentally he complains about feeling nauseous.

Did I just poison my kid??

I’m so glad today is Friday. I think we’re all ready for a lazy weekend and a chance to lick our wounds.