Stand Up and Be Heard

I’ve spent an insane amount of time this morning watching the below clips. I will warn you now, if you’re a liberal, these will likely make you angry – do not watch them. I’m not here to debate, I’m simply a tool to pass on the message – the message I personally believe in. I’m tired of Americans thinking we OWE them something. It’s a privilege to live here, but if we want to continue enjoying the freedoms we have, then we have to work for them. We have to be responsible. We have to have some accountability. We have to stop biting the hands that feed us.

Anyway, Nugent is extreme. Granted, I cringed at the sheer ruthlessness of the man. But overall, he has some excellent points. If you can get past the forceful personality you’ll see that he’s a tried and true American who just wants to make America better, not dependent on government or foreigners.

We have to start standing up for ourselves. We have to start thinking for ourselves and stop looking to other people, or programs, for our answers. If we want change, then we need to take the responsibility of making those changes. And I’m not posting this to be a jerk, I’m posting this because I’m sick and tired of being politically correct. I agree with the Nuge – it’s time to start making the government accountable for its actions.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the video clips below:

Nugent: “All indications are, every word out of the Democrats’ mouths and way too many words out of the Republicans’ mouths is indeed the Death Knell of America as we know it. It’s about punishing excellence and rewarding bloodsucking.”

Nugent: “Welfare is slavery. … And I gotta tell ya, there is some 37.8 million Americans living under poverty. Really? They’re smokin’. They’re drinkin’. They got the bling-bling. They got the cell phones. The children have the iPods. They get their hair done. … They think that making ends meet includes movies, and pets and collectible dishes on the wall. I mean, it’s not universal, but it’s so corrupt, it’s so over-the-top, it’s what the Democrats, and too many of the Republicans represent is an orgy of unaccountability.”

Beck: (Referring to the Republican party) This is the old Democratic party. So what we have is Marxists, Socialists, absolute Communism without the guns, yet, and then you have the Democratic party. There is no real option for a conservative that believes that we need to STAND UP, TAKE CONTROL…”

Nugent breaks in: “Logic. Accountability. Cause and effect.”

Beck: “So why would you continue to play the same card, and play the lesser of two evils when it is still evil. It is still going in that direction, just slower.”

Nugent: “Here’s how I see it. The answer is to vote for John McCain and stay on his ass. And stay on your senators’ asses, and stay on your congressmen’s’ asses, and start scolding people and say, ‘What are you doing with my tax dollars.’ The answer is activism.”

Again, watch at your discretion.

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Saturday Photo Hunt

Saturday Photo Hunt – String(s)

This week’s theme: String(s)

My husband is the guitarist for his band, Midnite Thunder. They get together every week and practice and every week he comes home with a huge grin and sparkling eyes. He loves it. He’s quite good strumming those strings. This is a closeup of him playing one of his guitars.

Guitar Closeup
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