This Is Me Today…

Day 79 – f o c u s, originally uploaded by margolove.

How can you NOT F O C U S with that picture in your face, right? 🙂

I have a ton of things to do today (Friday’s have been really busy for me lately – what gives??) so I don’t really have time to write anything more than, well, this post.

What do I have on tap for today, you ask? I’ll tell ya …

I have a website template that I must tweak and get out today. The client made some changes and I’m pretty sure I should be able to pound those out in the next few hours. Actually, it’s not really a choice, it must go out today because I have a meeting scheduled with the entire teaching staff on Tuesday *GULP* so I really must be prepared or I’ll make (an even bigger) fool out of myself than normal.

I have to go grocery shopping. Well, I don’t HAVE to, but Fridays are the day I shop (because I honestly ABHOR shopping and can only stomach it once a week), leaving the weekend free to do chores spend time with the family. And I really must get it done today because it looks like we’re in for a solid weekend of rain according to Hurricane Ike’s projected path …

Thanks Ike *sarcastic tone of voice*

I also have THE ITCH. No, not that kind of itch, get yer mind out of the gutter *grin*, but the itch to write. And to work on my NaNoWriMo outline because I’m really getting excited about this NASCAR story I have planned. And when I have the itch to write, I have to scratch it or I get cranky, fidgety and then snarky and it’s just not very pleasant to witness so … yeah. (Note to self: I need to watch some races this weekend too, for, um, research purposes, not to drool over the cute race car drivers.)


Oh, and I need to keep myself busy so I don’t fret over MK today. He had the balls made the mistake of slipping A, the girl he’s liked for years now, a love note on Wednesday. She apparently showed it to her girlfriends (shame on you A), and now MK is being teased mercilessly.

Poor little guy.

I did try and warn him this might happen though (he had told me about the note on Tuesday, though he wouldn’t let me read it) and now? He totally regrets doing it. I spent last night, and this morning, coaching him on how to handle the teasing. The more he lets on it bugs him, the more they will tease him. So … he must take it like a man and shrug it off. If confronted? I told him he just needs to shrug and say, “So I like A. Big deal.”

We’ll see how it turns out when I pick him up from school today. Ah … the heartaches of adolescence.

You couldn’t PAY me to relive those years.


ACK! I’m losing focus again. Must. Get. Back. On. Track.

Later dudes.

ADDED: I keep forgetting to pass this on, but I’m the admin for Write Anything and every second Saturday of the month, we hold a Creative Carnival. So, if you would like to add some of your writing (classified as nonfiction, fiction, essay, and poetry), submit your links. But hurry! You have until 11:00 p.m. central time to do so!!


Memory Lane: Jazz Solo, 7th Grade

Jazz Solo - 7th Grade

The kid standing up? That would be MK. He was playing a solo in the jazz festival last year.

He’s still playing strong this year. He’s in band and jazz band and he plans on trying out for pep band (he’ll have to attend 80% of the games!), honors band and he plans on performing in the ensemble contest in the early spring.

It doesn’t look like MK is going to get tired of the saxophone any time soon. Now, if I could only talk him into doing marching band next year in high school …

HIGH SCHOOL?! Next year?! ACK!