More Blog Topics – As Soon As My Head Clears

So, I have a new list of topics I’d like to talk about this month:

Blog Topics

I think I did a pretty good job covering my last round of topics.

I talked about the importance of keeping negativity out of our lives.


I talked about whether siphoning gas, er, STEALING, gas is ever justified.


I kind of sort of talked about sexuality, though I veered off into the political arena and never really got around to my thoughts about sexuality in general. (Perhaps I’ll attempt to delve into that sensitive issue – perhaps I won’t. It’ll depend on my mood at the time).

(Semi) Check.

And I told ya’ll about my uncomfortable experience at the bookstore.

I think, all in all, I did a pretty good job sticking to my topics. Not bad for a first start anyway.

I’ll be writing about the topics you see listed above very soon. In fact, I was going to write about GD’s sexist humor today, but my brain is so fogged up with mucus that it’s hard to focus on this monitor, let alone on my thoughts. So … lucky you. I’ll save that discussion for another day.

Oh, and a note to myself, add “redshirting” to that discussion list, too.

I’m sick. GD brought a cold home from school and very kindly shared it with me. (Thanks son). It started Saturday – I just FELT it coming. I can’t describe it, but if you’ve ever paid attention, then you know what I’m talking about. You know, that funny little tickle in the back of your throat or that heavy feeling like someone just placed a small whale on your shoulders? Yeah, that icky, sticky feeling that something is just not right.

I felt pretty bad on Sunday. And yesterday is sort of blurry, but today … argh, the cold has set up camp in my sinuses and I can not breathe. At all. It’s so bad that I have to breathe through my mouth. In fact, I woke up at two this morning, my mouth dry, yet slimy and my throat prickly and sharp. I inhaled half a bottle of nose spray and went back to sleep, only to wake up at 6:00 on the dot gasping for air once again.

And though I’m completely clogged up, I’m spouting snot. It’s the irritating and unexpected snot that shoots out of your nose when you least want it to – you know the kind, right? So, to stem the flow, I’m running around with wads of tissue jammed into my nostrils.

It’s quite attractive, let me assure you.

I was supposed to address a room full of teachers today, but I had to cancel. I just feel too icky. And my head is so clogged, I know I won’t think straight and everything that comes out of my mouth will be gibberish and the teachers will all look at each other like, “Who IS this jabbering fool” and I’ll notice them looking at each other and that will make me uncomfortable and that will only enhance my feeling of light headed, er, ness, and I’ll faint in front of them and they’ll have to call an ambulance because they won’t know what to do with me and that will attract the neighbors who will come over to see who collapsed at the school and the sight of my bloodless face with stark white tissues stuck up my nostrils will frighten the children and they will have nightmares which will later require counseling and I’ll probably be sued for traumatizing our future generation and …

Well, you get the picture. I’m CLEARLY delirious.

So, no meeting for me today. I think I’ll make myself a cup of chicken soup, bury my body in a comfy blanket and blink the visions of dancing elves from my vision.

Or get some sleep, that works, too. 😀