Message in the Sand

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Well, he does. 😀

(And btw, these sandals are the real deal. You can buy them here).

How is your Sunday going? Things are pretty typical here. After we have Bible study, we’ll go about our normal business – meaning I’ll work on my chores (laundry, cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming), the hubs will likely do something outside or maintenance around the house (yesterday he put a new door knob on the door that leads out to our garage) and the boys will do what they do best – play video games. *smile*

We don’t do a lot on the weekends. We usually use this time to just decompress and relax. We’re big homebodies and we loathe getting out in the public when we’re out in the public all week long. (Well, my guys are, I’m pretty much stuck at home all day every day).

I do have a project I need to work on. The client has examined all three templates (whenever I design a full-fledged website, I design three templates) and wants to mix and match elements. Which I prefer, quite frankly, because then I know they are happy with every aspect of their website.

In addition, if I have time today, I plan on fine-tuning my personal website(s) – I’m toying with the idea of splitting my professional websites into two sections: small business and school websites in one section, blog templates and blog components in another website. I can’t quite figure out how I want to organize this because I’d like to keep my Write From Karen persona separate from my “professional” persona, if that makes sense.

I finished reading “The Surgeon” by Tess Gerritsen last night. I REALLY enjoyed it. It was a thriller and it had me on the edge of my seat the entire story. I would love to write like Gerritsen, she’s very talented. I also watched “The Bucket List” on the treadmill yesterday.

It’s hard to cry when you’re speed walking. 🙂

In between sweating buckets (get it? hehe), I ran MK over to a friend’s house where they made a video and then went back to get both of them so they could come over here and put in movie magic to upload to YouTube.

We’re like geek station.

I’ll most likely watch another movie on the treadmill today (I’m feeling so … blah, walking always perks me up). My movie choices are: “Definitely, Maybe,” or “Tara Road.”

The kids are doing great, so far. Though MK has started the year off by turning in a social studies’ assignment late (Grr) and we’re still waiting on GD’s history test grade. Our agreement is, if the boys’ grades drop to an overall C or C-, their play time is limited to three hours a night (the rationale being, they have more time to study), if their overall grades drop below a C-, then they lose all play time entirely.

We’ve found this method has worked very well over the years. The boys are motivated to continue doing well (because they aren’t really motivated otherwise) and maintaining good GPA’s means less stress for the whole household. I REALLY hope GD’s history grade doesn’t drop because of this test – or it’s going to be impossible to live with him until he brings it back up. (And by the way, he didn’t study very much for this test – so if he does poorly and loses his time, I’m quite certain he’ll take it more seriously the next go-around. Again, this is what works for our boys, especially GD. He’s extremely lazy).

Life is pretty uneventful on the WFK home front – how is your weekend going?

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  1. Thanks Aaron! I can’t take credit for these footprints. I have no idea where I got this .gif – I’ve had it on my drafts’ folder for a few years.

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