Can We Talk?

Choices … You Has Them

At least … for now.

This came from Facebook. And I’m amazed at the comments …

It all depends on the situation others put you in.

My parents both were physically abusive while I was growing up.. can someone tell me how the hell that’s my fault?

Unless you’re murdered or raped..or had your life savings stolen by some greedy teach… I mean wall street fat-cat… then it’s Obama’s fault.

As usual, people are looking for excuses to get out of responsbility, or making tough choices. I’m not saying life is easy – for some, it downright sucks – what I’m saying is, it’s HOW you react to those crappy situations, it’s HOW you CHOOSE to deal with that situation and HOW you CHOOSE to live your life after that crappy situation that’s important.

We all get placed in situations we don’t like and don’t want. We can choose to leave it or accept it. Regardless, we always have a choice how we behave and respond while we are there.

Crappy childhood? Move past it and put yourself in a situation where you can help other children in crappy situations.

In a crappy relationship? Get out of it. Of course it’s not easy … nothing worth having is easy – get over that mindset right now. You want something, whether that’s a better relationship, a new job, a better place to live, more opportunities, then by golly, make it happen. There’s always a way – always. The problem is, do you have the balls to FIND it and then PURSUE it??

Stop whining – make better choices. Take responsibility for your own life.

Unless you’re happy with someone, or some ENTITY (i.e the government) making your choices for you – then whatever. It’s your life. If that’s what you CHOOSE – if you CHOOSE to allow someone, or some ENTITY, to make your choices for you – FINE – stop whining about it; that was your choice.

You CHOOSE your own path. Don’t like it? Change it.

Otherwise, leave the rest of us alone who CHOOSE our own paths.