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My Life: Day Fifteen

I’m attempting to force myself to write in my blog every day. I’ve gotten SO BAD at keeping up these past several years and someday I’ll be dead and then what?

I’ll be gone but hopefully not forgotten. (Feel free to use these prompts for your own writing).

Today’s prompt(s):

Would you rather be less attractive and extremely intelligent or extremely attractive and less intelligent? What do you think the pros and cons of each combination would be?

Wow, what a conundrum.

I mean, let’s be honest, if you’re attractive, life is easier. People tend to be nicer. They tend to make allowances and bend the rules a bit more. If you’re attractive, you’re more approachable.

Just don’t open your mouth.

I think being attractive opens more doors than just being smart.

Though if you’re smart and not that attractive, there are ways to MAKE yourself more attractive. And no, I’m not talking about plastic surgery though I guess that might be an option for some. (Not for me). I’m talking more about wearing clothes that highlight your particular body type, having a flattering hairstyle and wearing appropriate makeup.

But can you really make yourself smarter? I sort of feel like you are either smart, or you’re not. You can ACT smart but people typically see through the facade fairly quickly. But would anyone really care if you’re not smart if you’re nice to look at?

I guess one could make a lot of money if he/she was attractive – modeling, acting, etc. Not saying those careers don’t require intelligence but come on, not many people get past the packaging in that industry.

You can also make a lot of money if you’re smart. But I think it would take longer and require more effort to get to that stage since so many people take one look at you and make a judgement.

I think for me, I would rather be less attractive and more intelligent. Hey, I’m smart, I can figure out how to get past the outer flaws and transform myself into something, or someone, to get what I want.

I feel like I do that now. 😉

Daily Prompts

My Life: Day Fourteen

I’m attempting to force myself to write in my blog every day. I’ve gotten SO BAD at keeping up these past several years and someday I’ll be dead and then what?

I’ll be gone but hopefully not forgotten. (Feel free to use these prompts for your own writing).

Today’s prompt(s):

Three things you can’t live without.

Kevin. Blake. Brandon.

Okay, let’s list something else besides my family.

Food. Drink. Air.

Ugh, that’s even more boring.

Let’s think of something unique to ME.

  1. False eyelashes – did you know that I wear falsies? I actually started last year. Since I’ve gone through the change, all my hair grows back really slowly. This includes my eyelashes. They were never super long to begin with, but now, gads, they are short and light so when I don’t wear mascara it looks like I don’t have eyes. I can usually make one pair of lashes last one week. I could probably make them last longer but I’m too lazy to properly care for them so I wear a pair Monday through Friday and then start over on Monday. (I don’t usually wear makeup on the weekends). I’ve gotten the hang of putting falsies on, it took quite a few months but now I love them and I love how they make my eyes look.
  2. My Garmin Fitness tracker – I’m not into fitness, I just like to keep track of my steps. And that’s largely because I get a health point on my health insurance for every 6000 steps I take every day. I’m usually all over the place all day at work so I might as well earn points toward my health insurance, right?
  3. My swing dresses. I freaking love these swing dresses from Old Navy. They are super comfy, super cute, super cheap and look good with either leggings and boots or bare leg and flats. I wear these things to work all the time. I love them. Can you guess why else I like them? Cause they disguise all the love lumps, baby. Ha!

I don’t know if these things are things I can’t live without, but they are definitely my obsessions right now.



Daily Prompts

My Life: Day Thirteen

I’m attempting to force myself to write in my blog every day. I’ve gotten SO BAD at keeping up these past several years and someday I’ll be dead and then what?

I’ll be gone but hopefully not forgotten. (Feel free to use these prompts for your own writing).

Today’s prompt(s):

What happened to our garage?

So, going through my Flickr account (which currently has nearly 8500 pictures on there – and by the way, what is UP with yearly membership being $50 now?? It was $25 – I think it’s time to find another photo storage site – maybe I’ll just bite the bullet and upload them all on my Google photos account), I came across these pictures.

I’m not sure if I ever told you guys this story, so, here goes.

Guess Who Backed into the Garage Door?

Someone, who shall remain nameless, *cough-Kevin-cough* backed into our garage door. This happened a while back, I think the date on the photo is March 2007.

As you can see, he backed into it hard enough to crack it and put a literal hole in the door.

Is that a ...?

Kevin has a history of miscalculating the garage door. One time, shortly after we bought our van, when the kids were little and I needed lots of room when chauffeuring them around town, I had backed into the garage and when I was shutting the garage door, I panicked, I didn’t think I had backed up far enough because I was worried that the metal handle sticking out of the garage door would hit my van.

Kevin went to the front of my van, gauged the distance and said, “Nah, you’re good.” So, trusting his judgment, I went ahead and pushed the button for the garage door to go down.

Well, I was right and the van hadn’t been backed up far enough and the next thing we hear is this sickening crunching sound as the metal handle completely annihilated the grill on my van.

I will never forget that sound. It’s right up there with the sickening crunch and grind of metal meeting metal whenever you hear two cars collide.

So no, Kevin and our garage door have not always gotten along.

Yep, it's a Hole

I don’t know if you can tell the material of our garage doors back then, but there were literally particle board and they were flimsy and rotting anyway, so him backing into the garage was probably a blessing in disguise as we needed to replace them before they simply disintegrated before our very eyes.


Yep, there are quite a few things like this that I don’t let Kevin live down.

But we ended up getting it fixed and our doors look A LOT better. Not to mention, they are more secure.

The Door on the Left, or The Door on the Right?

Another time, he accidentally left the garage door open all night and someone came into our garage and stole a huge, yellow remote control airplane that it took him MONTHS to build, by hand, from a kit. It was a beautiful plane and it worked, though I think he only actually flown it a few times because he was afraid of crashing it.

And then it got stolen.

He was heartbroken.

But to this day, we argue on who actually left the garage door open. I know for a fact it was him, but he insists it was me.

It was definitely him.


Daily Prompts

My Life: Day Twelve

I’m attempting to force myself to write in my blog every day. I’ve gotten SO BAD at keeping up these past several years and someday I’ll be dead and then what?

I’ll be gone but hopefully not forgotten. (Feel free to use these prompts for your own writing).

Today’s prompt(s):

What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favorite person? Tell us about it.

The most time I’ve spent apart from my favorite person is …

Well first of all, wait, who is my favorite person?

Probably Kevin. (Probably?? I can hear him say that, lol) He knows me the best and we’ve been together for about 32ish years now so …

The longest I’ve been away from Kevin has been one week. I know when he was working for an accounting firm here in town, he would often go out-of-town to do audits and that seemed to never last for more than a few days, at the most. Though it felt longer because I had two small boys with me at home and I didn’t have my buffer to cushion the crazy when he was gone.

But other than taking vacation without me, I’ve never really been away from Kevin for very long.

Yep. He went on a cruise without me.

Actually, two cruises without me.

And I encouraged him to do it.

Kevin, LeRoy and both boys recently went on a cruise that left from New Orleans. They cruised the Western Caribbean without me.

I could have gone, but I really didn’t want to. Plus, I figured the guys would have more fun without a GIRL hanging out with them anyway.

They could oogle all of the pretty girls they wanted to without fearing my reaction.

Their cruise only lasted 5 days, but when you calculate travel days in that equation, they were gone for a week at a time.

For me? I liked not having him around for about two days, but then I started missing him. I LOVE being by myself, I have no trouble being by myself, at all. In fact, I much prefer my company to that of any other people, but when it comes to my favorite person, Kevin, I don’t like being away from him for too long.

It just feels … weird. Empty, I guess.

True, we do most of our activities alone. He spends the majority of his time at the rental house with LeRoy “doing projects,” which consist of buying junk and fixing it up to put into his junk booths and selling. (And he does a pretty decent job at selling his stuff, too).

But at the end of the day, he comes home and we have dinner together. He’s my “home base,” if that makes sense.

I don’t know that he’s interested in going on any more vacations without me but he’s welcome to if he wants to. I trust him not to do anything stupid.

I, of course, fully intend to cash in on this, though. If/when the opportunity comes up to go on vacation with “the girls,” I will absolutely throw the fact that he went on vacation without me, TWICE, into the argument. I’ve been trying to talk the girls at work into going on a cruise with me and I can feel them wavering, but we’re not there yet.

But overall, one week away from each other is really long enough for me.


Can We Talk?, Facebook Stories

Damaging our Children

As the transgender movement has developed, so too has its focus on the transitioning of younger and younger people. TransKids, according to the “about” section of the transgender youth website, is “a safe and affirming place where helping your kids live fully and embodied is our only goal.”

TransKids.biz, which is “dedicated to providing young folks with gender expression gear and resources,” not only recommends transgender children’s books like “Who are you? The Kid’s Guide to Gender Identity” and “Be Who You Are,” it markets and sells garments and prosthetics designed to fit young children between the approximate ages of 8-13. [Source]

What the HELL is going on with our children, people?? WHY are we so obsessed with warping our children and making them believe they are someone other than their biological birth? People that are desperate to sell this notion that a boy is not a boy and a girl is not a girl that they are now trying to spoon feed us a product that kids, CHILDREN, can strap on and pretend they are something they are not.

And we wonder why society is so screwed up?!

This is absolute madness to me. For a group of people who loudly proclaim that it’s “science” whenever it comes to climate change on one hand, and then in the very next breathe discount science when it comes to our biological makeup, a GENETIC code that CAN NOT BE CHANGED NO MATTER HOW MUCH WE FORCE HORMONES ON PEOPLE OR STRAP PROSTHETICS TO OUR BODIES, they are wildly inconsistent in their arguments.

How can anyone take them seriously?


I have thoughts on this whole sexual orientation thing. You want to live your life as a gay man, lesbian woman, or any other label you want to dream up, okay. Knock yourself out. I don’t believe in the concept and I certainly don’t think it’s normal or acceptable, but ultimately, who cares what I think. It’s your life. Live it the way you see fit. But don’t expect me to support your choice just as I don’t expect you to support me and my life choices.

Ultimately, people will have to answer for their lives before the judgement chair.

But now that the public has gotten used to people and their screwed up life views and their insistence that there are multiple sexual orientations and that same-sex couples are “normal”, or at the very least commonplace, the attention needs to shift to something more perverse and disturbing because the dust has settled too much, we need more chaos, something new to “fight” about.

Because you see, honestly, people truly don’t care how you live your lives. Most people have ZERO interest in what you do in your bedrooms. Truly. They really, truly don’t care. Contrary to popular belief, the world does not revolve around attention-seeking people that for whatever reason, feel like they have to shove their beliefs down everyone’s throats. Sure, we become complacent after a time but not because we’re accepting these mixed up individuals’ claims but because we’re simply tired of listening to the madness. It does no good to try and talk sense into people like this, they have no desire for honest discourse, they just want to argue and again, justify their warped sense of self. And just as an adult finally throws up his/her hands after listening to an argumentative child for hours on end, rationale adults do the same – fine, have it your way. I’m tired of fighting with you.

I’m not saying this is right, or even acceptable, but it is human nature. I find myself doing the same thing. You can only pound your head against a concrete wall for so long before your notice the cracked skull and the blood dripping down your temples.

But that madness concerns legal adults who have every right to live their lives the way they choose to live them. Now we’re talking about pushing agendas on vulnerable children who have no idea who they are or how to live their lives. They are impressionable and eager to please the adults in their lives. They trust the adults in their lives to help them navigate this little thing we call life, not to further confuse them and push FADS down their throats.

It’s disgusting, dangerous and emotional child abuse, pure and simple. 

I’m not blaming the children, they don’t know better. The adults in their lives, however, DO.

Following the increasing social acceptance of the adult transgender movement in western culture, the focus has begun to shift toward children who express what may appear to be gender dysphoria.

Despite the possibility of irreparable physical and psychological damage to prepubescent children who are given hormone therapy and offered transitional services, there is a small but vocal group of Americans pushing for the unconditional cultural approval of such things.

WHY are we allowing this “small but vocal group of Americans” to suddenly change the natural course of things? And not just in this arena, but overall? Do you know how many times I’ve read articles about a “supposed” injustice started by a small group of individuals that ultimately MAKE the changes they want? Because we give in as a society? Even though the MAJORITY of people have no desire for that change?

WHY DO WE DO THIS? Why do we cave?? Is it because we’re afraid people will call us names? Like racist, homophobic and on and on? If we’re standing up for what we believe is right, and we have a solid argument and proof to back ourselves up, WHO CARES IF SOMEONE CALLS US NAMES. It’s like a schoolyard bully who has no logical reason why he/she is acting that way, it’s just the way he/she FEELS, but when confronted can do nothing but name call and physically intimidate to get the point across.

Feelings are not rational. If we allow ourselves to live our lives based on our feelings well … we get the kind of world we’re living in now. Chaotic and completely upside down.

And yet, the majority of us remain silent. We allow these bullies to push and push until we’re so far gone, we’re not sure who to fight back anymore.

It’s sad and disturbing.

And now, these whacks have turned their attention to our children.


Who will later become adults with this warped-sense of life ingrained into their heads.

When will we stand up, be adults, and simply say, STOP THIS NONSENSE.


Daily Prompts

My Life: Day Eleven

I’m attempting to force myself to write in my blog every day. I’ve gotten SO BAD at keeping up these past several years and someday I’ll be dead and then what?

I’ll be gone but hopefully not forgotten. (Feel free to use these prompts for your own writing).

Today’s prompt(s):

The most surprised you’ve ever been.

I don’t like surprises. At least when I’m the recipient. I like being the person surprising someone but don’t surprise me.


I like control. I feel comfortable when I’m in control.

Though I know filling in for each other at work WILL happen, I work with nine doctors after all, I HATE it when I’m asked to fill in at the last minute. I absolutely don’t mind if I’m given a head’s up and I can prepare, but to walk in and someone say, “Oh hey, Karen, I need you to fill in for so-and-so” makes my butt cheeks clinch.

(How’s them visuals??)

So to surprise me and I receive it well, is rare.

It has happened before. When Kevin and I lived in our rental house, shortly after we got married, when Blake was a baby and I believe it was around Christmas time, I walked into the spare bedroom to get something and then came back out to talk to Kevin.

“Did you notice anything unusual?” Kevin asked.

“No.” Was my response.

“Really?” he asked. “That’s weird, follow me.”

So I followed Kevin back into the bedroom. “What do you see?”

I looked around and shrugged. “Nothing.”

He nodded toward a huge lump of something covered by a blanket.

I blinked and am embarrassed to say it really didn’t register for a few seconds. Then I gasped, lifted the blanket off and saw it.

It was a curio case to put all of my Previous Moment figurines in.

(Because back then, I collected them. I know. I KNOW)


I just have knick knacks in there now, no Previous Moments (though I still have most of them and I bet they’re worth some money today) but it’s the same case. I LOVE my case. It fits my personality, I think. Sleek and sexy.

(Why are you laughing??)

I had no idea Kevin was even THINKING about buying me a curio case. I had never mentioned wanting one and until he bought me one, I didn’t even know I WANTED one. But that is one time that will always stick out in my mind because because he truly took me by surprise.

Daily Prompts

My Life: Day Ten

I’m attempting to force myself to write in my blog every day. I’ve gotten SO BAD at keeping up these past several years and someday I’ll be dead and then what?

I’ll be gone but hopefully not forgotten. (Feel free to use these prompts for your own writing).

Today’s prompt(s):

Write a diary entry dated ten years in the future.

Dear 2029 me – I’M OLD!


Okay, who am I fooling? I’m just happy you’re still breathing to read this post.

So. You and Kevin have been married nearly 40 years. THAT’S SO CRAZY!

And that means Blake is 36 and Brandon is nearly 34. I hope they are married and have 2.5 kids by now.

Which would make us grandparents!!

You better be a cool grandma. You better have your priorities straight and always be there for your kids/grandkids because it makes a huge difference!

I wonder how many cruises we will have been on by now? We try to take one every year so by 2029 we’ll have been on … nearly 25 cruises? I wonder what sort of places we’ve been, what sort of adventures we’ve been on? What sort of beautiful, memorable pictures we have?

Am I still working in healthcare? I know girl, who knew you would last this long in a job. I’ve worked in healthcare the longest I’ve worked in any other job. I have a seven-year itch for nearly everything – jobs, cars. Am I doing something else? Legal field, maybe? (foreshadowing??)

Or maybe I quit and am now a full-time writer with three or four novels under my belt by now?

If not, WHY NOT?

So Kevin is well into his 60’s. Is he retired? Where is LeRoy?

What car am I driving? I hope it’s a sports car – my goal is to be a very COOL grandma someday. 🙂

Overall, future self, I hope you’re happy, healthy and secure. That’s all I ever wanted for you.

See you in another ten years!


Daily Prompts

My Life: Day Nine

I’m attempting to force myself to write in my blog every day. I’ve gotten SO BAD at keeping up these past several years and someday I’ll be dead and then what?

I’ll be gone but hopefully not forgotten. (Feel free to use these prompts for your own writing).

Today’s prompt(s):

What is your favorite work of art? What do you love about it?

I’m not really into art. I appreciate art, but it’s not something I seek out or take an interest in.

The art that really captures my attention, are landscapes, or moments in time, or beauty, like a vase of flowers, something that evokes an emotion in me.

Which I get is the objective of art as a whole.

But something recognizable, a person, a place, something tangible and beautiful.

I can’t STAND abstract art. To me, it looks like something a child drew and it’s chaotic and mindless. No thanks.

I love the art of words. Or the art of photography. Or the art of creating something unique and different with your own hands.

For example, I love my aunt/uncle’s Etsy shop. I love the art he creates using steel. He’s a welder by trade and he figured how to utilize his unique gifts to offer something beautiful to people.

And my mom’s crafts. She’s been making beautiful things all her life.

The only “art” I feel I have is writing, and that might be debatable with some people.

My husband’s art is finding old/broken things and turning them into something functional and/or decorative. Kevin also painted this:


THIS, to me, is beauty.

This is also my favorite piece of art we have in our home:


Daily Prompts

My Life: Day Eight

I’m attempting to force myself to write in my blog every day. I’ve gotten SO BAD at keeping up these past several years and someday I’ll be dead and then what?

I’ll be gone but hopefully not forgotten. (Feel free to use these prompts for your own writing).

Today’s prompt(s):

What is your favorite way to spend a lazy day?

Any day I’m not working is a lazy day. And speaking of lazy, I HAVE been lately. Well honestly, ever since the boys moved out three, almost four (!), years ago. I mean, Kevin and I don’t really mess anything up. Other than the weekly floors, laundry and bi-weekly bathroom cleans, what is there? We both clean up after ourselves in the kitchen and we’ll ignore the layer of dust all over my house.

It’s been quite the adjustment for me since the boys moved out. I’ve not only missed them, I’ve missed their presence. The background noise, the periodic invasion of my space as one of them walks by. The occasional sneeze/cough, the “clack-clack” of keys on a keyboard.

I’ve always been a slug – I’m not big on housekeeping so wait until we can’t ignore it anymore to DO it, but now? It’s worse. All I want to do is zone out in front of the computer and/or staring at my Kindle and that’s the extent of my energy.

I’ve lived the past few years on automatic and you know? I’m sort of done with that. Life HAS to be more than just go to work, eat, sleep, poop and do it all over again the next day.


OF COURSE my favorite way to spend a lazy (i.e. every day) is to read. I need to find a way to get paid to read, THAT would be my dream job. It wouldn’t be very challenging and I’m not sure it would be very satisfying, which my current job is, but I WOULD LOVE IT.

(And out of curiosity, I just Googled “how to get paid to read books” and this site popped up. You know, I should legit try this. In fact, that was on my bucket list of things to do this year – write book reviews. I could write my reviews them submit them to one of these sites and see what happens ………………….. hhmm ……………………………….)

Another lazy day / fun thing for me is to people watch. If I’m forced to go anywhere and I’m not on a mission to get in/out of wherever I’m going, I like to sit and just … watch. (Sounds sort of creepy when I write it out like that). People are fascinating to me. I like to pretend I know what is going on in their lives by judging their body language and facial expressions. I’m hard up for entertainment, I guess.

Or, if we want to get really crazy, I love sitting on the beach alternating between watching the waves and reading a book. Filling my lungs with salty, fresh air.


Every day is a lazy day for me. But I feel like I appreciate life a bit more living like that. I’m forcing myself to take the time to ENJOY the little things in life.


Abundant Life, Daily Prompts

My Life: Day Seven

I’m attempting to force myself to write in my blog every day. I’ve gotten SO BAD at keeping up these past several years and someday I’ll be dead and then what?

I’ll be gone but hopefully not forgotten. (Feel free to use these prompts for your own writing).

Today’s prompt(s):


How the Devil Derailed Prayer

For many Christians, prayer is not as important as it should be. Many Christians only pray before meals, before bed (when they are children), or in emergency situations. The concept of “pray without ceasing” (1 Thess. 5:17 – ESV) is not a part of the lives of most Christians. How did the average Christian lifestyle drift so far from what the Bible says to do? The short answer is that most Christians are taught that everything that happens is God’s will, or “God is in control,” and that even Satan (if the Christian believes in Satan), has to ask God’s permission before he can act.

We all hate meaningless work, and that includes meaningless prayer. Good, solid, powerful, focused prayer takes a lot of work, a lot of time and mental energy. No one wants to make that effort if his or her prayer does not really make a difference. Unfortunately, that is what the teaching that “God is in control” does; it teaches that our prayers really do not make much, if any difference.

If everything that happens is God’s will, then God’s will gets done whether or not anyone prays. If prayer does not change anything, then what purpose does it serve? We have been told it demonstrates a person’s humility and obedience to God’s command to pray. Also, it has been used as a punishment for sinning (such as in the Roman Catholic Church when prayers are assigned as a penance for sin). Also, it has been said to be therapeutic because confession and prayer are “good for the soul.” It has also been taught that we pray to help align our own thinking with what God is doing, and to humbly accept the will of God.

The teaching that “God is in control” has, knowingly or unknowingly, adversely affected the prayer lives of millions of Christians. Many people are not motivated to pray because they have been told that God’s will comes to pass whether they pray or do not pray, while many others do not pray throughout the day simply because they have never seen that modeled for them by other Christians. Prayer changes things dramatically, and God needs us to ask in prayer, so He tells us again and again to pray. God is willing to do His part if we will do ours. Let’s not sit around complaining about how bad the world is; let’s do something about it! God wants us to do something, and a powerful thing we can do is to pray [Source]

Do you believe in prayer? Do YOU pray? What is the purpose of prayer? Does it help? Is God even listening?

I suppose, if you’re not a Christian, or believe in a higher being, this post is not for you. But if you’re grappling, reaching for something you can’t quite put your finger on but know it’s juuuust out of reach, let me see if I can help with that.

I’ve been a Christian for a very long time. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior when I was in middle school.

However, I haven’t always understood what Christianity is/was. And a large part of that reason is due to the chaos and confusion that Satan has bestowed on our civilization over the many 1000’s of years. The more confused people are, the further they will get from Christ and the closer they get to Satan and his evil ways.

I don’t think people purposefully set out to live evil lives, I think everyone, on some level, either consciously, or subconsciously, wants to lead a good, wholesome life. But outside influences are sometimes too hard to resist.

The media is a huge one. Everyone takes everything they read/hear as gospel truth. Oh, so-and-so said it so it MUST be true. But, this big news site wrote it so it MUST be accurate.

That’s not even close to being true. Which is why I HIGHLY recommend that people stop and ask questions. THINK for yourselves. Do not be led around by the nose like a bunch of sheeple.

But that’s a post for another day.

Loved ones, friends, “successful” people who appear to have it all together and make unwise decisions but always seem to come out on top anyway – it’s just too tempting to mirror that person’s decisions in the hopes of obtaining the same things, are outside influences. Trying to emulate these people often leads to disappointment and resentment, which only leads us down yet another wrong path.

Prayer is necessary in that it helps guides us, it helps purge our souls and cleanse our consciousness. Prayer is a line to God – He’s someone to talk to, to vent to, to ask for guidance. But just like when we’re in a crowded room, with a ton of people, all talking at once, it’s hard to hear one individual voice. So we have to continuously pray and make our voice heard.

This crowded room could be unholy decisions you’ve made, or being around someone who is influencing you and directly you down an ungodly path. It could be evil spirits purposefully blocking your voice from being heard.

The more you live outside God’s commands, the further you get from God and the less God can protect you.

I  know that sounds all “hocus-pocus” but we ARE in a spiritual battle, every day. It’s real.

Are you lost? Do you feel hopeless? Is no one listening? Do you need help? Then pray to God. There is no right or wrong way to do it, you’re having a conversation with God. Unload on God, allow him to guide you and comfort you. Pray continuously. He may not hear you right away because of all the spiritual noise surrounding you, but don’t give up, He will hear and He will answer.

I hope this post blessed you in some way.