We Had a Burn Ban for 4th of July – So Of Course, We Shot Off Fireworks Anyway

I know. We’re rebels. But before you click that right-hand corner X over there, let me elaborate – we shot fireworks off at my in-laws’ house, who live on the outskirts of town, and who live far enough away from their neighbors that it really wasn’t an issue of a stray spark hitting anything flammable, AND, they spent the day watering down their lawn, and surrounding areas, to ensure it would be safe to shoot them off.

But yes. Our city, and my in-laws’ city, had a burn ban on fireworks this year. And rightly so. It’s been bone dry here in these parts. (*said with a heavy southern drawl*).

When the burn ban went public, the officials knew it would be useless to tell people they couldn’t shoot off fireworks, so they simply cautioned people to keep water close by. I think, for the most part, people adhered to the ban inside the city limits, but as usual, it was a war zone outside the city limits.

We did something different this year – we met up with my in-laws at a fireworks tent, told the tattooed lady behind the counter how much we wanted to spend, and we left it up to her to fill a box full of her recommendations. Because you know how it goes when you go to a fireworks tent – you drive up, there are people milling around, so you feel excited about the prospect of shopping for some awesome fireworks, only to step under the tent and WOW, the sheer variety punches you in the stomach because the selection is overwhelming. The boxes are colorful, (and often times … wildly suggestive .. really??), and though there are descriptions of what the fireworks do, you don’t REALLY know what they will look like or if they will end up being wildly unpredictable and downright dangerous as they chase you across the yard and make you run for your life because a rogue explosive is right on your tail.

Been there, done that, thank you very much.

The boys filled up an arm basket full of their choices (it always amuses me how animated Dude gets around the 4th of July – it’s his second most favorite holiday, Christmas being his first, but honestly? It might even be better than Christmas in his opinion. But seriously, 99% of the time, Dude is quiet, retrospective and an introvert, but the first week of July? It’s like someone, er, lit a firecracker under his butt and he’s suddenly ALIVE … it’s fun to watch) and bought the box full of fireworks that we didn’t even pick out.

Awesome. My own personal fireworks shopper – I can get used to that.

I didn’t see that box again until we arrived at my in-laws’ house for hamburgers and hotdogs. Our family, my sister/brother-in-law and my in-laws were the only people there. All of the other kids in the family had their own plans. We had a good time visiting (his family is always so funny and we end up laughing a lot when we get together) and before long, night had fallen and the boys were itching to go outside and start the show.

*Note to you younger parents – it’s AWESOME having teenagers this time of year. They can do all of the running around and lighting the fireworks while you can sit back, sip a tea (or beverage of choice) and simply enjoy yourself. SWEET. Be patient – it will happen to you, too!

We tried to light some Sky Lanterns …

Sky Lantern

… but we didn’t have much luck. We didn’t pull the first one apart correctly and it burned. Then, when my MIL saw the size of the flame, she got nervous that it would land on someone’s house, so we didn’t light the remaining Sky Lanterns.

I have to admit, I think this year’s fireworks display was the best we’ve ever had. The tattooed-fireworks’ lady did a really good job picking out our fireworks this year. We are totally doing that again next year.

Our grand finale was this baby …

Pryo Boy

We weren’t sure how to shoot it off at first, but then Dude suggested we do what the boy on the box was doing and simply hold onto the firework … he was kidding of course! But don’t you know there has to be someone, somewhere, who thought that very thing??

This is why we have silly warning labels on everything nowadays – because people have lost their common sense.

You know it’s true.

We got home about midnight. Which meant I was a zombie at work the next day.

Holidays shouldn’t fall in the middle of the week – it’s hard on us working stiffs.