And the Youngest Son is an Official Driver

Driver's License

Jazz passed his test this past Friday!! Kevin took him to Republic and said they were the only ones out there – well, one gal was actually out taking her test when they arrived.

Jazz did a few things wrong and when they got back, the guy listed them. Jazz said he was pretty sure he had failed, given the list of things, but he passed!!

Honestly? I’m more relived than anything else. Sure. I’m nervous, but I think I’ve gotten over the initial terror of having one of my children driving since Dude has been driving for two years now. I’m relived because now Jazz can drive himself to school his senior year, freeing up Dude to hopefully get a part-time job while he also attends classes this Fall.

Jazz has four night band practices coming up this month, which he’ll drive himself to, and I think that will be a perfect opportunity to practice driving himself to school. Not that we haven’t practiced driving to school hundreds of times, but now, he’ll be on his own. And I’m sure it will be a pretty awesome feeling to be able to drive himself home afterward without having to wait on us to get him.

My relationship with my children has evolved – they are more like roommates now instead of my children. Dude comes and goes as he pleases and Jazz will soon be doing the same thing. They don’t have to rely on me anymore. In fact, I rarely even see much of them anymore now that I’m working full time. And when they get jobs, I really won’t see much of them.

Though on some level, I’m sad about this evolution, I know this is how it must be if I hope for them to grow up into independent men. Honestly? I think I have finally resigned myself to this moment in their lives and now, I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with their lives more than anything else.

We’ve really done all we can do at this point – now it’s up to them to practice what we preached.