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Earth Hour ………………….. *snort* HAHAHAHHAHAHA …

How about this – how about retraining yourself to conserve energy every day of the year? I know that Earth Hour is a day to remind people of that fact, but geez louise, people – sit in the dark for an hour?

Consider these …

Light brings safety. There are safer ways to make a statement and raise awareness than to create a controlled time when thieves and rapists know they will be harder to spot.

The energy spent raising awareness about Earth Hour just might cancel out the energy saved that hour.

It is perversely amusing to see thousands of Earth Hour adherents generate illumination during Earth Hour by lighting candles and making bonfires. Isn’t the very premise behind Earth Hour to REDUCE carbon emissions? Where is the logic in eschewing clean-burning electricity – and by the way, 96% of the electricity in the province of Ontario IS clean-generated – in favour of illumination obtained from a power source (i.e., open fire) that generates completely unfiltered CO2 emissions?

Indeed, most of the candles sold in Canada are made from paraffin, a petroleum byproduct. Thus, illuminating one’s house with paraffin candles is equivalent to letting a diesel engine idle.

Oh, and how’s this for an inconvenient goof? Turning off the lights in a skyscraper only to reactivate those lights an hour later actually consumes MORE power than letting those lights remain on for the duration of that hour. Oh sure, it makes for a nifty photo op – but what, pray tell, is the point? Is Earth Hour simply about feel-good optics rather than tangible solutions?
Source: Huffington Post of all things

But hey, if participating makes you feel good, knock yourself out.