The Point is to Write it Down

Life – from the pencil’s point of view.

Point from Victoria Harding on Vimeo.

Sort of makes me want to write, old school.

Now, to just find a #2 pencil.





UGH. This thing is driving me nuts. It’s too slow. It can’t keep up with my thoughts.

Never mind. I’m over it. Where’s my laptop?!?

“The point,” of course, is there is never an excuse NOT to write it down – whether it’s your thoughts, your doodles, your life, or your grocery list.

Leave a little of YOU behind – write it down.


I spent a long time Saturday trying to reload WordPress on my domain. However, the servers on our web host are not updated and I couldn’t get it to work.

I simply don’t have the energy (or the desire) to contact my web host and go through the process of making it work, especially since the last time I self-hosted I had nothing but problems and my blog was down most of the time.

(This blog, and my writing blog, are hosted on the servers. I don’t have as much control over the blogs as I would have using a self-host, but I have a lot less headaches – which is totally worth it for me).

I reserved the domain for my writing – so I revamped an existing blog, re-routed the domain name and now when you type in, it takes you to my “writing” blog. I’m loosely calling it my writing blog because I haven’t updated it in quite some time.

I’d like to fix that. (Ha! “Fix”. Get it??) So, I will try and post a writing prompt every week, something that sounds fun and challenging, and then write one story, every week, using that prompt. I will likely post an excerpt here, but the full story will be at my writing blog.

It’s time to step away from the Twitter stream and get serious about my writing.