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Baby Talk

Because nothing’s cuter than watching someone else’s baby do the cute baby “talk” thing.

Humor me.

The context of this video … we’re in our living room. My parents, grandparents and sister’s family are all there and we’re watching home movies – as in, when I was little.

In other words – YAWN.

So, to keep myself from bashing my brains out and thereby depriving my son of an awesome mommy, I started video taping Dude. My mom is just over my shoulder talking to him as well, only she’s in the way and I think my grandpa (?) tells her to move.


This was taped in July, I think.

And is anyone else wondering if the buckles on the boy’s very cute overalls (you must admit they’re pretty awesome), are pinching his tender skin?

How many MOMS thought that very thing?

Yep, thought so.

Now, how many DADS?

Yep, thought so.

Fundamental difference between moms / dads. THESE are the kinds of things moms think about, guys.

(*Side note: I was at the dentist’s office yesterday and the dental assistant in charge of vacuuming spittle out of my mouth had just dropped her kindergarten-aged son at school. We were talking about the first-day jitters and she said she was thinking about what she was going to pack him for lunch the night before and decided on Lunchables. Only, she wasn’t sure if her son could open a package of Lunchables on his own, so they had a “dry run,” i.e. she had her son open a package.

I had to laugh at that. I did the same thing, only with Sunny D bottles.

My dentist, who’s a man, laughed and said, “I never would have thought of doing that.”

Exactly, dude, exactly. That’s why moms ROCK. 😀 )