The New Footloose Movie

I was surprised to see the number of “dislikes” -they far outweighed the “likes” on the YouTube page.

Is it because “Footloose” is a classic and shouldn’t be messed with? Does it need more Bacon? (Kevin Bacon, that is). I thought the trailer looked good. And I’m a pretty big fan of the original movie.

I like how they modernized it. The dancing looks pretty awesome.

I dig dancing movies. (Probably because I wanted to be a dancer when I grew up. Then I grew up and was like, “UGH! This stuff is HARD. Where’s my chocolate.”)

I also like the message behind the movie – that if you repress our young people (or any people, quite frankly), then you’re going to have a revolt. People can only take so much. They need some sort of release valve for all of that pent up energy and frustration.

It’s also about how if you make a big deal out of something then guess what, it becomes an even BIGGER deal. Personally, I would much rather downplay something (sex, drugs, alcohol) to my kids than never discuss it with them and blow it up into this big, mysterious YOU MUST NOT DO AT ANY COST sort of thing.

You know?

So tell me, Internet – are you looking forward to the new “Footloose” movie? Or do you think they should have just left it alone. If you’re a fan of the movie, what did you like about it? What did you dislike about it?