New Band Uniforms

Jazz’s new band uniforms arrived yesterday. I took him out to take the traditional “by the tree” picture.

Band Uniform - 2011

I like them, especially compared to last year’s:

Band '10

They look more polished and definitely more up-to-date than their old ones. (I think they had their old uniforms something like ten years before they “retired” them).

But, I think the jackets are a little too short and his uniform is TIGHT. I’m hoping it stretches a bit with use. These are brand new uniforms and they measured him before they ordered so … I guess we’ll have to make it work.

The new hats are brown, the same color as the uniform. They will have a white feather again.

First competition is October 1st in Tulsa. Can’t wait!!

Update: Jazz is going to talk to them about his uniform today. Is it SUPPOSED to be this tight? Are the jackets SUPPOSED to be this short? We’re thinking it’s just too small, but we’ll know more after he talks to his band directors.

UPDATE #2: Yep. He picked up the wrong uniform. Whew! We swapped them out today. Though his new one is still tight, it’s not as tight as the picture above. The jackets are supposed to be short – they’re supposed to look more like a tuxedo-type of uniform. At any rate, I’m glad he asked as he had someone else’s by mistake! Oops!