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This is the second time I’ve taught someone how to drive. The first time was my first son, this second time is my second son.

I’m way more nervous with my second son.

Dude, my first born, was, is, a cautious driver. He takes his time. He pays attention to what’s happening around him. He’s probably too cautious, which is a problem by itself, but Jazz, my second son, is reckless, impatient, slams on the breaks, followed by the accelerator and is not detail oriented. In other words, he doesn’t pay attention to the small stuff, or the big stuff, like that cherry red dual-wheel monster truck coming right at us.

One of Jazz’s friends called him up today. He wanted him to come over and hang out for a few hours. Even though I was thrilled that he wanted to get out of the house and hang with an actual human (as opposed to the virtual humans in his computer), it meant that I had to drive him over there.

Or more accurately, that he had to drive himself over there with me hanging on for dear life.

It’s not that he’s a BAD driver, per se, he’s just a NEW driver.

He backed out of the driveway for the first time today. Reverse is always the most challenging; it’s also the most nerve wracking. The car feels different in reverse, it handles different in reverse and it’s much harder to anticipate what could go wrong in reverse.

The biggest lesson I taught Jazz today was that it’s not always necessary to press on the accelerator. There are times that a nice, SLOW, simple coast is all the car requires in order for it to do what you want it to do.

He had a lot more control after I taught him that lesson.

Today was the first time we drove on busier streets. He did fine, though he still has a problem gauging how close to get to a stop sign, or a stop light before coming to a full stop. Often times, we’ve missed our mark.

Still though, I’m a much better teacher than Kevin – I’ve mastered the fine art of hiding my terror.

*ding* Time’s up.


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