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Parking the Baby

I told you I had HOURS of video where the babies are doing nothing at all.

Here’s one …

I’m assuming we just bought this walker because I’ve stuck Dude in it and then thought it was so cool, I had to video tape him looking confused – pleased with his new found vertical position, but confused, nonetheless.

I think I kept the camera on him for so long because I was fascinated with his chubby legs and the way he was kicking them as well as the way he would curl his toes. Baby fat is so adorable, isn’t it?

We’ve been pretty fortunate with our air conditioner – it’s only broke down a few times in the 19 + years that we’ve been living in our house. But of course, it always happened at the hottest part of the summer. Judging by the way Kevin slams the doors coming and going and his fast pace, he’s either A. annoyed, B. thinking how to fix the problem or most likely, C. both.

He also got annoyed with me whenever I would sit on my butt and video tape the kids instead of helping him, paying attention to him, or not cleaning house (I’m a terrible housekeeper. At least, I used to be, I’m better now). I TOLD him we’d be glad I taped the kids so much someday and guess what?

It’s someday.

It’s going to be a gorgeous weekend here this weekend: sunny and in the 80’s. I feel sort of guilty, considering Hurricane Irene is going to pretty much ruin plans for the East Coast this weekend. Hang in there East Coasters. Let’s pray Irene doesn’t do very much damage.